In response to the posting A Drop of Tears for a Reason, my Ayah Ngah had responded with a brief comment for my very naughty for that publicity posting. Rather than listing as comment under the posting – I would like to post his special comment here:





It is high praise indeed that this posting is ‘dedicated’ to what I do. It is so flattering and humbling. A couple of friends who have ‘connections’ have suggested that I get interviewed for TV or newspapers, to which idea I have so far vehemently declined. I would like the write-up on the good that we do is targeted only to those who are likely to take it as a model to do something similar, ‘kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan’, nothing more, nothing less. It should have a chance to be a stimulus, a catalyst, never a sensational publicity item. We pay too much attention to create empty slogans and publicity, and we have had enough of these.

Since the posting has been made (without my knowledge) and it is for the Sulaimanians, I thank you. I owe a lot of my life to that school, a concrete stepping stone to whatever success I have had. Perhaps many more Sulaimanians will create their own challenges and succeed through endeavour, the school motto. Our school has produced successful Tun, Tan Sri and so on. Many in the country do not realise that these individuals are the product of a humble school, fifty years ago unfairly dubbed ‘sekolah kajang’, after the fire. In fact it was within the ‘kajang’ walls I received my English education, for no less pride. Let each of us contribute something within our means to the community. I know better today how rewarding this can be, something money cannot buy.

Hassan (Almanar)