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Dr. Azhar’s posting at RoyalTLady blog puzzled both bloggers. Hmmm … how in the world did Dr. Azhar, intending to write a posting for his blog (Nature Lover), ended up in RoyalTLady.

Well, blame it on both of them. Blame the blog owner, for not remembering that she had allowed Dr. Azhar to be one of her blog’s contributors and also blame Dr. Azhar for not checking whereabout in the cyberspace before starting a new post.

My theory is, after browsing RoyalTLady’s blog and while still at RoyalTLady blog, Dr. Azhar wanted to write a new post (for his own blog), and at the write top corner (of RoyalTLady blog) he would see the “New Post” button – and he clicks on it. Little did he knows that he is still within RoyalTLady cyberspace.

And thus he is then writing a new posting at RoyalTLady blog and not at his Nature Lover’s blog.

Simple …

There is actually NOT a identity theft as commented by one of the visitors in the comments.

To prove the point … I am also posting this at her blog too (besides my own … doesn’t it work? I am given the trust by RoyalTLady as one of her blog’s contributors too – thanks.

Thanks to both of you for giving me this puzzle to solve as I had not been writing for a while. Still sadden with the demise of my beloved mother … I keep staring at a blank “new post” page to write but the finger just won’t type and the idea just does not flow.

Doa untuk Ummiku yang tersayang … ameen.

Ummi, bondaku yang tersayang, telah pergi buat selama-lamanya.

Waktu yang dicatatkan doktor ialah 12.55 tengahari, hari Sabtu 15 November 2008.

Namun, Allah sahaja Yang Maha Mengetahui masanya.

Tidak disangka bahawa perbualan dengan Ummi Rabu lalu adalah yang terakhir.

Rupanya setelah selesai berbual, Ummi diserang stroke di hujung talian.

Seolah terasa tidak percaya apabila Abang Kamal memberitahu Ummi pengsan lima minit kemudian.

Rupanya Ummi tidak sempat meletakkan ganggang telefon di tempatnya.

Agak sukar untuk menyusun kata menurunkan catatan ini.

Perbualan enam belas minit terakhir itu sentiasa terbisik di telinga.

Syukur Alhmadulillah tergerak hati untuk berbual dengan Ummi malam itu.

Tidak ada apa pun yang hendak diberitahu kepada Ummi.

Hanya sekadar bertanya khabar keadaan Ummi.

Kini sudah tiada lagi peluang untuk berbakti kepada Ummi seperti dahulu.

Cuma janji menjadi anak yang soleh sahaja yang mampu menyampaikan.

Semoga Allah mencucuri RahmatNya ke atas Ummi.

Ameen, Ya Rabb.


Yes, in 1974, our Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School had a Fire Fighting Squad. Probably we were the only school that had such a squad then. We even have the squad’s photo in that year’s school magazine. But many did not know about the squad – even for those who were in that photo.

We had several obstacles and delays toward forming a fully operational committee. Together with my close buddy, Syed Fattah (we were also then among the prime mover with the Scout movement – taking over from our seniors such as Razak Mohd Nor and “Cacho” – who were then slowing down their scouting activities) – we discussed and discussed with the appointed teacher in-charge then, Cikgu Arifin Wahab, it just does not proceed.

Then came the photo taking session day. From the early morning, one after another group had their photo taken. Despite the official committee was not formed yet, I approached our Cikgu, that we need to have our squad photo taken too (even though just with the current pro-tem committee). He agreed. I grouped a few that I can recall and happened to be around there – who had at least been interested with the squad.

But we only had about five people, thus we grab in a few more of our friends just to be in the photo and pretend to be the squad members. At least we have eleven – reasonable number for a committee.

With others having something to show. The prefects have their tie and jacket. The scouts in their uniform. Hockey team would have a pair of hockey stick crossed. Or some would show off their medals. What do we have? No uniform.

I grabbed Fattah to follow me to the nearby Administration Block, pulled down two heavy fire extinguishers and placed it one in front him and the other in front of me. Old and rusty pair indeed. Well, those are the only ones available nearby. Anyway, we would never find a better one even if we run around the school looking. All were rusty from the nearby salty sea breeze.

SS Fire Fighting Squad 1974

SS Fire Fighting Squad 1974

Thirty four years had passed, I cannot remember many of the names in the photo and who were really “in the squad” or those that I just grabbed for the photo session.

Obviously that Fattah and myself were seated next to Cikgu Arifin. Seated next to Fattah was a close friend but memory of his name had eroded from me at this moment. Far left is Razali, from the Arts stream of our batch – now a teacher in Kuala Terengganu – but had not met him for more than 10 years.

On my left is Arwah Chacho (who had passed away a few years after that while studying in ITM Shah Alam [UiTM now]) and far right is Tg. Zailan, our class monitor then. The last time I met him was when he was serving as an ASP at Bukit Aman almost 20 years ago.

Standing, from right, Fattah Alias (from TB School, came to SS for Sixth form – also active with scout). Even though I heard that he stays near my mum’s house in Taman Jaya (Jalan Pusara), but I had not met him whenever I pray at the surau there – as if I am a regular!

Next from the back row that I can recall is Jamil (Upper Six Science then), second from left. Dr. Jamil is now with MARDI. He is married to his junior at SS, Norheini Bakar (I hope I got the spelling correct) who lived just two houses from my mum’s house. The last I met him was when I delivered “Growing Up in Trengganu” to his office in Serdang.

As for the rest in the photo – I have to apologise. I just cannot recall the name even though their faces are still fresh in my memory.

Well, back to our fire-fighting squad, we never had a follow up meeting after that photo session. And the squad just did not take off at all after that and the subsequent two years I was at SS. But, yes, we had a fire-fighting squad just for the school magazine in 1974.


Driving More Efficiently

Drive Sensibly

cartoon of carAggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas. It can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. Sensible driving is also safer for you and others, so you may save more than gas money.

Fuel Economy Benefit:
Equivalent Gasoline Savings:

Observe the Speed Limit

Graph showing MPG VS speed MPG decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mphWhile each vehicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed (or range of speeds), gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph.

You can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.30 per gallon for gas.

Observing the speed limit is also safer.

Fuel Economy Benefit:
Equivalent Gasoline Savings:

Remove Excess Weight

Avoid keeping unnecessary items in your vehicle, especially heavy ones. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your MPG by up to 2%. The reduction is based on the percentage of extra weight relative to the vehicle’s weight and affects smaller vehicles more than larger ones.

Fuel Economy Benefit:
1-2%/100 lbs
Equivalent Gasoline Savings:

Avoid Excessive Idling

Idling gets 0 miles per gallon. Cars with larger engines typically waste more gas at idle than do cars with smaller engines.

Use Cruise Control

Using cruise control on the highway helps you maintain a constant speed and, in most cases, will save gas.

Use Overdrive Gears

When you use overdrive gearing, your car’s engine speed goes down. This saves gas and reduces engine wear.

Note: Cost savings are based on an assumed fuel price of $4.08/gallon. [based on figures in USA]

Ingatkan saya …

... dalam pelbagai pertemuan dengan saudara-saudara sekalian, terutama selepas mana-mana sesi taklimat, kadang-kadang ada yang meminta sesuatu dari saya. Kerap kali dalam kesibukan serta kelemahan saya sendiri, ada ketika janji-janji tersebut terlupa saya tunaikan ... tolong ingatkan saya. PM di FB saya atau emel kepada saya


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