Dr. Azhar’s posting at RoyalTLady blog puzzled both bloggers. Hmmm … how in the world did Dr. Azhar, intending to write a posting for his blog (Nature Lover), ended up in RoyalTLady.

Well, blame it on both of them. Blame the blog owner, for not remembering that she had allowed Dr. Azhar to be one of her blog’s contributors and also blame Dr. Azhar for not checking whereabout in the cyberspace before starting a new post.

My theory is, after browsing RoyalTLady’s blog and while still at RoyalTLady blog, Dr. Azhar wanted to write a new post (for his own blog), and at the write top corner (of RoyalTLady blog) he would see the “New Post” button – and he clicks on it. Little did he knows that he is still within RoyalTLady cyberspace.

And thus he is then writing a new posting at RoyalTLady blog and not at his Nature Lover’s blog.

Simple …

There is actually NOT a identity theft as commented by one of the visitors in the comments.

To prove the point … I am also posting this at her blog too (besides my own https://akarimomar.wordpress.com/) … doesn’t it work? I am given the trust by RoyalTLady as one of her blog’s contributors too – thanks.

Thanks to both of you for giving me this puzzle to solve as I had not been writing for a while. Still sadden with the demise of my beloved mother … I keep staring at a blank “new post” page to write but the finger just won’t type and the idea just does not flow.

Doa untuk Ummiku yang tersayang … ameen.