I have just started a new blog this morning http://siuc.wordpress.com/ and this posting explains.

“Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang …” is not just a Malay “peribahasa” that we learned during our school days but I am sure we definitely find it true to its meaning.

Carbondale used to be our kampong and coincidentally rhymes well thus we playfully call it Kampong Dale. Be it just for a semester of intensive English course before you went to another university, life in Carbondale is full with memories. For some, you spent years there beginning as a single teenager coming home many years later not just with hugh baggage but you bring home a family of your own.

Such days throughout the four extreme midwest seasons in the southern tip of Illinois, where the student population is more than or equal the population of the local residents, there were so many nostalgic moments that still linger and we rush to share every time we met our old friends from Carbondale.

Thus, this blog was created after a long breakfast get together with Hazimi, Zambri (Teng) and Wan Burhan at a stall by the roadside along a busy KL street. We had too many stories and nostalgic moments to bring back and laugh at until we realised that it was already time to go when the crowd started to come for their lunch. Well, I have not met Zimi for the good 20 years that also explain.

With this blog, it is hope that all those who had spent some days or years in Carbondale would be able to share with others their sweet memories, maybe some sad moments too or just say anything about those days in Kampong Dale.

I welcome all of you to drop a few paragraphs. I would always be nice if accompanied with with some sweet old photos.

Do frequent this blog.


Karim Omar (SIUC 1982-1984)