Getting a long lost senior calling you is indeed a surprise. But getting two long lost seniors calling in an interval of about three hours on the same days – is indeed beyond imagination.

Both of them were my elder brother, Mohd Kamal Omar, classmates. Both were my seniors with the 1st Kuala Trengganu Troop of SS Scout and Prefect Board.

Ghaffar Md Nor called me just before 1pm. Later at about 4 pm, Bukhori Abu Bakar called. What a coincident, both of them classmates, calling me the same day after over 30 years – not even “pakat-pakat”.

Both Ghaffar and Bukhori left school after Form 6 Science in 1974.

I have not met Bukhori ever since he left school. He is now a Associate Professor at Fakulti Farmasi, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Bukhori was quite active during the school days and was the editor of our 1974 school magazine.

Unlike, Bukhori, I still met Ghaffar at UPM after SS for a brief one year. I know Ghaffar’s family more. His elder brother, Razak, was the senior who taught me the very first lesson about scouting. I would still remember cycling from my Lorong Mok Pe government quarters house to their house at the corner of Jalan Kamaruddin, a few houses behind MB’s official residence. In the garden, in front of their house is where I would learn what is needed for my Tenderfoot.

Ghaffar is now a headmaster of a school in the Puchong/Kinrara area and resides in Taman Sri Andalas, Klang. Ghaffar had two bad accidents. One in 2002, where he was in coma for about two weeks after the vehicle he was traveling in Sarawak tumble down in deep ravine. In Feb 2007, he was warded again for over 100 days for another accident. He now walks aided by walking stick.

Glad to know their whereabouts and we promised to keep in touch and probably arrange for a get together soon.