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Reunion … reunion … reunion ….

That seems to be the topic many ex-Sulaimanians are talking about these days. In the sulaimanian70s yahoogroup, the questions and requests by many for a long seek reunion seems to be the hottest topic the last few days. In some of the mails I received and those comments in this The Sulaimanians blog, it also seems that many are looking forward for A REUNION.

The said reunion that we are talking about has to be something grand that should encompasses a wide range of ages – if possible all – from the beginning until as recent as last year. It should be an event to celebrate for the school too [thus the school would be the most likely venue].

I remember when SS celebrated the Silver Jubilee, it was a grand event and many ex-Sulaimanians attended the forum of the old boys – but that was long time ago in 1975. I did not hear anything about the Golden Jubilee [should been in year 2000]. To have another jubilee celebration then we have to wait for the Diamond in 2025 – if we are still around.

But we can have a celebration for the 60th year instead – next year.

The most recent grand reunion that I remember attending was organised by among others arwah Datuk Razali Ismail [Razali Ismail ‘Bapa Pendidikan’ Kuala Terengganu] – he was then the State Education Officer and I believed the school headmaster then was also ex-Sulamanian too. I cannot remember exactly when – was it 2002 or 2003 or earlier? The event managed to gather about a couple hundreds from those of the 60s and 70s. But that is not the scale we should be targeting. I would like to see a real grand gathering. At least we should target for 1,000 former students of SS – or more.

Anyhow, I was told that a protem committee for SS alumni had been formed. As appeared in the newspaper recently – Calling all SMKSS alumni – the protem committee is planning to have the first Annual General Meeting (AGM). We shall look forward for the event.

Thus, maybe we should let this newly formed committee to drive for the events. But a grand event need elaborate planning. Thus, to celebrate it next year as the 60th anniversary may be a reasonable time frame to work from – and a theme such as “Celebrating Two Generations of Sulaimanians” can be one suggestion [as we now have father/mother and children as former students – or a third generation already for some!]. At the same time, we may contribute in terms of ideas and suggestions to have a grand celebration for the school reunion.

But while waiting for the “grand reunion” the small scale simple gathering among classmates, hotelites and various sub-group should continue. Cheer up Sulaimanians!!!

Ingatkan saya …

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