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Thanks to Raja Kamarul for taking the initiative to have the gathering at his Aryani resort hotel in Merchang. Despite a day entertaining guests for his daughter’s wedding the entire afternoon, he still has the stamina be with us throughout the gathering.

Many turn up and were excited with the invitation. Some specially flew or drove all the way for this special occasion. Though most were of the MCE/HSC 72/74 batch but a handful were from the junior batches – including myself.

To some, after not having met for more than 30 years, it is not easy to recognize even your close buddy at first meeting. That was what Fauzi Ismail experienced. After talking with Bukhori for a good 5 minutes about their USM days, he asked Bukhori “eh, there is another friend doing Pharmacy …  Bukhori”. “I am Bukhori!” which then prompted a big laugh.

It seems most did not bother much about eating except Aziz Wahab who said “aku ssorang je duk makang”.

Thanks also to Ghaffar who brought nice old photos to share and bring back old memories. Mohamad Mustafa surprised most of us with his naughtiness details that he recalled of the past which had everybody’s big laugh.

I will try to upload the photos taken once I can get a better broadband access. It is taking too long with this supposedly 3.5G.

Let us have Bukhori, our school magazine editor, to have his full account of this memorable gathering. Everybody was looking forward for another gathering. InshaAllah.