On Monday, 27th April, most mainstream newspapers were carrying “Saravanan upset by ‘napping’ A & E doctors” as their headlines or main news. Of course, it seemed nice for a deputy minister to be checking and “trying” to ensure the government machinery are always tip-top.

But then, a few days later, Health Minister has different thing to say “Liow: Doc did not do anything wrong“. Is Liow trying to protect his ministry from intruding deputy minister?

For those in the medical profession – especially those with the government – surely they were frustrated with such remark by Saravanan. I know (and can appreciate) how hectic a doctor’s life is? Is Saravanan going to stand by his findings or is he accepting Liow’s official reply? Will he apologise to the particular doctors? Does he need to apologise to those in the fraternity?

Or he does not care? And who cares too. Saravanan had several similar encounters of this nature before. But was there anything substantial done or improved? And Liow was not the first minister to defend his or her people when provoked. Even Pak Lah, the former PM, made comments about various government agencies, poor maintenance of buildings, and many more. But sometimes they themselve are at fault too. How many ministers are punctual with their meetings? How many ministers or deputies smoke in office (and some openly during meetings)? … again who cares?

But I wonder why in the first place must he (Saravanan) goes to the media? Why not report it to the proper channel first and ensure proper investigation done and action taken then. I am sure the cabinet by giving him the assignment would have the mechanism of following up his reports and for him to check on complains by the public. There should be sort of SOP. Do we always enjoy punishing and making judgment before proper investigation?

Was he Saravan trying to show something since Najib had been talking about KPIs? Or Liow defending his KPIs? What was KPI meant to be? Kerja Pikir Insentif sahaja ke?