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Well, maybe I should rephrase … I felt almost cheated at Carrefour today.

I had been wanting to buy a power drill to replace my old one that was stolen several years ago. I had been scouting and comparing the various makes and models with a huge different in the price range.

Since my old one was Black and Decker, I decided to stick to the brand finally. Each time we do our grocery, I would always spent some time at the hardware or DIY area – like most man would do. When I went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju this evening, I did my usual ritual looking at the tools and stuffs at the hardware/auto/DIY area.

The shelf tag of B&D power drill that I had been targeting for is on promotion – tagged at RM199.00. Since there were only two sets left, I quickly took one and put in my trolley.

After checking out and made my payment I drove back home and only later do I checked that the receipt does not tally with the promotion price on the shelf tag. I paid for RM239.00. Thus, I have no choice but to drive again 8 km back to Carrefour.

I showed my receipt and complained the difference with what I saw at the shelf tag. The customer service staff asked their “roller” to verify my claim and said that they were right. Confident that I was right, I walked to the roller and showed him the price on the shelf was actually RM199.00 and not RM239.00.

To make the story short, after some argument, they had to acknowledge their mistake and readily refunded me the difference.

Though I get back the difference, I felt cheated because I have to spend effort, time and petrol to go back unnecessarily to Carrefour again just to get RM40 – and that it was Carrefour who “cheated” me with “false” price tag in the first place. They should consider all those rather being negligence and just simply apologise.

I was at the Customer Service for almost 25 minutes not including the time spent to drive back and forth along the busy MRR2. The total effort, time and material is even more that the difference refunded. After all it was my right in the first place to get the price shown on the tag.

Though all the staffs that handled my complain were nice to me and even gave me some token from the free gifts items behind the counter after I insisted my dissatisfaction despite being refunded, I pity the many other customers that walked out of Carrefour (and the same happened to me before at their other major competitor’s store before), paid the more than what they saw at the price tag and never bother to double check the mistakes made by these giant stores.

Are the consumers always at the disadvantage end?

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