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Pesanan teks dari Ustaz Zuhir pagi ini:

Saya Al-Faqir Ila ALLAH Mohd Zuhir b Abdullah menjemput Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan ke Kuliah Bulanan (MEI 11) bersama UST KAZIM ELIAS AL-HAFIZ.


1) 20/5/11, JUMAAT, Kuliah Maghrib,
-di Masjid Al-Ridhuan, Hulu Kelang.
Kitab Bahrul Maazi Jilid 9 & 16.

2) 21/5/11, SABTU, Kuliah Subuh,
-di Masjid Al-Hidayah, Taman Melawati.

3) 21/5/11, SABTU, IJTIMAK ILMU – (Feqah & Tauhid)
dari jam 9.30pg ->11.30pg,
-di Masjid Al-Ridhuan, Hulu Kelang.

4) 21/5/11, Sabtu, KULIAH MAGHRIB,
-di Surau Al-Mustaqim, Jalan AU5C/8, Lembah Keramat, Hulu Kelang
Kitab Bahrul Maazi Jilid 19.




Terkini Disember 2012:

Ustaz Kazim – Cinta Allah Cinta Rasul – di Keramat KL



Syaer Awang Goneng

Bertahun berdekad di perantauan

Segala kenangan tetap di ingatan

Si Awang Goneng hasil nukilan

Untuk semua jadi tatapan


Bertahun-tahun di tanah Inggeris,

Bijak bermadah, indah berpuitis,

Begitulah kisah seorang penulis

Pengalaman dirakam, buku ditulis


Suka duka, tangis dan tawa

Mok Mek dan Mok Nab semua dia cerita

Cek Qaleh Teksi, Pok Loh Standok juga

Pak Ku Hj Ambak serban besar bakul, dia tak lupa

Menyingkap kembali apa dirasa


Sedari kecil ke zaman remaja,

Keropok lekor , rojok Pok Deh dia suka,

Itulah dia si Awang Goneng, anak Ganu kite.


hasil karya oleh

Zaharah Othman &

Dodi Mohamad

didendang oleh

Dodi Mohamad

30hb Apr. 2011


Rakaman video yang dipersembahkan di RA FIne Arts Gallery pada 1 Mei 2011

dalam format .flv (low quality)

dalam format.mpg (high quality)



Sharing some of the photos taken at the Borders today.

The event signage

The not so crowded as compared to the events at RA Fine Arts Gallery (8 May) or at MPH (7 May)

waiting for their turn

OK ... my turn

Nok ajok ggocoh?

Never thought that Pizzaman's delivery is being regarded worthy ... in the book of RoyalTLady

RoyalTLady got her special copy signed

AG signing on RoyalTLady's copy with her daugther focusing her camera

A rare sister and brother appearance at a special event

You will always find Pokku Bustaman in all AG's event. He came earlier but drove back home to come again by taxi after finding the parking full. What a show of commitment.

It is always nice to see family members coming to show support

Time to mingle with the author

Not just the food, but lilstening to Pak Samad is always enjoyable

The Terengganu delicacies ...

yummy ... some enjoyed the pulut lepa but some say akok was best.


Other related:

Isu-isu pokok yang dipersetujui sebagai resolusi Perhimpunan Pimpinan Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam Se-Malaysia yang berlangsung di Dewan Muktamar Pusat Islam, Kuala Lumpur pada 7hb Mei 2011.

  • Mempertegaskan semula kewibawaan institusi fatwa sebagai institusi yang perlu dihormati semua, termasuk bukan Islam walaupun mereka tidak terikat dengan institusi tersebut. Institusi fatwa merupakan salah satu saluran pembentukan undang-undang berkaitan Islam yang diiktiraf oleh perundangan Negara;
  • Menegaskan bahawa undang-undang yang digubal dan diperkenankan oleh Duli-duli Sultan di negeri-negeri dibuat demi kepentingan umat Islam, dan mestilah dihormati dan dipatuhi sepenuhnya untuk menjaga ketenteraman di antara kaum. Ketidakpedulian terhadap kewujudan peruntukan-peruntukan tersebut mewujudkan rasa tidak hormat kepada Institusi Raja-raja Melayu;
  • Menyeru agar kumpulan-kumpulan Kristian menghentikan pendekatan konfrontasi dan sebaliknya menggunakan saluran perbincangan yang ada seperti Jawatankuasa Kerja Mempromosi Persefahaman Keharmonian Antara Penganut Agama (JKMPKAPA) yang ditubuhkan oleh kerajaan dan turut disertai oleh kami.
  • —Menegaskan kepada semua pemimpin politik tanpa mengira parti agar jangan sekali-kali menggadaikan kedaulatan Islam kerana tekanan sokongan politik. Hakikatnya kalaupun tunduk kepada tekanan politik boleh membawa hasil sementara, tetapi dalam jangka masa panjang ia akan meruntuhkan paksi pembinaan Negara-negara dan turut merugikan semua pihak.
  • —Mempertingkatkan sinergi gerakan dakwah dan amal Islami di peringkat nasional dengan menggariskan strategi pendekatan bersama. NGO-NGO Islam perlu memperkasakan wadah gerakerja bersama seperti PEMBELA, ACCIN dan seumpamanya sebagai suara ketiga selain daripada suara umat Islam dalam kerajaan ataupun pembangkang.
  • —Memperkukuhkan kesepakatan ummah  merentasi batas parti-parti politik.  Umat Islam tidak boleh hanya bergantung harap kepada satu parti politik sahaja untuk mempertahankan  kedudukan Islam. Perlu ada kesepakatan  di antara parti-parti politik Islam agar prinsip-prinsip berkaitan agama tidak dipolitikkan atau tergadai dalam demam pilihanraya yang semakin hangat.

Culturally Clueless and Politically Tonedeaf, U.S. Gave Bin Laden the Martyrdom He Craved

NEW YORK–The assassination of Osama bin Laden was masterfully orchestrated to appeal to American media consumers. But it will play poorly overseas.

President Obama’s Sunday evening announcement, timed to fill Monday’s papers with a sickening orgy of gleeful triumph but little information, prompted bipartisan high-fives and hoots all around. “U-S-A! U-S-A!” chanted a mob of drunken oafs in front of the White House. Blending the low satire of two Bush-era classic send-ups of a nation allergic to self-reflection, “Team America: World Police” and “Idiocracy,” they set the tone for a week or a month or whatever of troop-praising, God-blessing-America, frat-boy self-backslapping. “So that’s what success looks like,” wrote New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley in the paper’s special ten-page “The Death of Bin Laden” pull-out section.

Success for Obama, certainly. He’ll see a much-needed bump in the polls. But it won’t last. Eventually the unemployed will wonder why the president devotes so many resources to killing one man but so little to them.

On the geopolitical front, the CIA’s ballyhooed Bin Laden takedown operation couldn’t possibly have been handled any worse. The War on Terror, if it ever existed, is a war for the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of Muslims.


It’s about them. Not us.

“Bin Laden wanted to die as a martyr. In this sense, his wish was obliged,” notes Stephen Diamond in Psychology Today.

You betcha.

Nothing was more important to Osama than to be seen as a brave soldier in an epic clash of civilizations. Claims that he hardly saw combat during the anti-Soviet resistance of the 1980s hurt him. The soft son of a Saudi billionaire and a former mother’s boy, Osama wanted to prove himself.

This past weekend, thanks to Navy SEALs, he did. He went out in a blaze of glory, like Scarface. His status as a martyr, as a legend of jihad, is assured.

Yet another screw-up for the U.S., which fell into Bin Laden’s trap after 9/11. To Al Qaeda and other Islamist groups, the United States and the West is enemy #2. Their biggest foe is pro-American Muslim dictators and autocrats, and the apathy and indifference among Muslims that allows them to remain in power.

As with most actions carried out by small terrorist groups against enemies with superior manpower and weaponry, the operations attributed to Bin Laden–the bombings of the U.S. embassies in east Africa in 1998 and the U.S.S. Cole in 2000, and 9/11–were intended to provoke the U.S. into overreacting, thus exposing it as the monster he said it was. The invasions of two Muslim countries, Guantánamo, torture, Abu Ghraib, the secret prisons and disappearances and all the rest neatly fit into Osama Bin Laden’s narrative, proving his point more succinctly than a zillion fatwas faxed into Al Jazeera.

Everything about Bin Laden’s killing squares with the jihadi narrative.

The operation violated the sovereignty of a Muslim country, a constant complaint of radical jihadis. Armed commandos lawlessly invaded Pakistan. Infidel soldiers shot up a house and crashed a helicopter down the street from a military academy. Pakistanis see American drone planes buzzing around overhead, invading their airspace without the thinnest veneer of legality; American missiles blow up houses indiscriminately. Taking out Bin Laden without asking Pakistan’s government for permission is an act of war to which the country’s poverty permits no response. It’s yet another humiliation, another triumph of might over right.

Much will be made of the disrespectful treatment of Bin Laden’s body.

In an echo of Bush’s selection of Guantánamo as a extraterritorial not-U.S.-not-foreign no man’s land, the Obama Administration claimed that it buried Bin Laden at sea because it couldn’t find a country to accept his body within the required 24 hours after death, and to avoid the possibility that his grave would become a shrine for Muslim extremists. However, Bin Laden’s Wahhabi sect of Islam allows neither shrines nor burial at sea.

Of course, few Americans care about respecting Muslim religious sensibilities. So this decision went over well in the States. Countless editorial cartoons depicted sharks feasting on the carcass of the Bogeyman of the Twin Towers.

But it will inflame Muslim purists. Worse than that, dumping Osama into the Indian Ocean feeds an image the United States would be smart to shake, of a superpower hell-bent on occupying Muslim lands, stealing their oil and trashing their religion.

On the hearts-and-minds front, Americans’ chest-thumping is a PR disaster.

“Rot in Hell,” blared the headline of the New York Daily News. “Justice has been done,” pundits and politicians claimed–a strange endorsement of extrajudicial assassination by a nation based on the rule of law.

“Triumphalism and unapologetic patriotism are in order,” wrote Eugene Robinson for The Washington Post. “We got the son of a bitch.”


Islam teaches combatants to respect their enemies. The death of an opponent is tragic, sometimes a tragic necessity, but never trivial, never a subject for joking. A vanquished enemy should be dispatched quickly, presumably to be chastised by Allah for his wickedness in the afterlife, but he is never to be mocked. A Muslim should not enjoy war or combat, nor gloat when victorious. When the powerful crush the weak, as was the case with the U.S. killing of Bin Laden, dancing around like a beefy hunk of steroids spiking the football at the touchdown line makes one look small.

It also makes us look dumb. As anyone not drunk on bloodlust knows, the worst thing that could have happened to Osama Bin Laden would have been arrest followed by a fair trial.

(Ted Rall is the author of “The Anti-American Manifesto.” His website is

Sharing some of the photos of the event at RA Fine Arts Gallery today, 1st May 2011. Congratulations to both the host and the author for the successful event. (Click on the photos for a larger view and click on the video image to play)

The host, Raja Ahmad Aminullah Raja Abdullah, giving his brief welcoming speech


Awang Goneng @ Wan Ahmad Hulaimi giving his story of why and how the book (or rather books) came about and giving some hints to the would-be-writers

You may watch the video here:


AG reading A Map of Trengganu from the chapter "Earth Trembling Barbarism" pages 163-165

Video here:


A surprise by Kak Teh @ Zaharah Othman (Mrs. Awang Goneng) with a syair recited by Dody

Video of the syair here:

To read the full SYA’IR (sya’er) – click here


Before the start when it was less crowded ... seen here: Andre Goh (seated brown stripes shirt) and Raja Kamarul Bahrin (standing pink shirt)


The packed gallery during the "show". Among those in the front row were Pok Daud in batik (his photo on page 197 of AMoT), Jimmy Choo (in white) and Adnan Othman (in red)

Posing the cameramen and the reporters


As the crowd thinned out AG continues to entertain his fans ... seen here are the children of Pak Cik Hassan of Al Manar mentioned in the book (Ainun and Anuar are also my second cousins)

Pak Cik (Ayah Ngoh) Hassan Al Manar’s blog (click)


It was more relaxed to discuss after the event


The Trengganu food ... special thanks to Wan Asma


and my favorite Jala Mas ...

yummy ...

The busy AG's family getting ready with the Trengganu foods ... after being late getting lost finding the place.


Andre God preparing for his performance


Adnan Othman doing his number of pop yeh-yeh days

Some of the those that I noticed during the event (some already mentioned above) were (apologise for the missing titles to the names [if any] – I am not updated with it as it changes too frequent): Ahmad Rejal Arbee, Jimmy Choo, Toh Puan Rosita, Andre Goh, Adnan Othman, Manja Ismail, Raja Kamarul Bahrin, Pokku Bustaman, AG’s brother Wan Rahim Kamil, AG’s sister Wan Asma (who prepared the food), Ishak Nengah (as the emcee), Mohd Som (mentioned in AMoT), Pok Daud Basikal (also in AMoT), Raja Ahmad’s wife and daughter,  …

HOW TO ORDER AMoT and/or GUiT … call “The Pizzaman” – 019-3199-788 or email to him:

Yesterday’s photos and videos (at MPH Mid Valley) will also be updated soon.


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