Sharing some of the photos taken at the Borders today.

The event signage

The not so crowded as compared to the events at RA Fine Arts Gallery (8 May) or at MPH (7 May)

waiting for their turn

OK ... my turn

Nok ajok ggocoh?

Never thought that Pizzaman's delivery is being regarded worthy ... in the book of RoyalTLady

RoyalTLady got her special copy signed

AG signing on RoyalTLady's copy with her daugther focusing her camera

A rare sister and brother appearance at a special event

You will always find Pokku Bustaman in all AG's event. He came earlier but drove back home to come again by taxi after finding the parking full. What a show of commitment.

It is always nice to see family members coming to show support

Time to mingle with the author

Not just the food, but lilstening to Pak Samad is always enjoyable

The Terengganu delicacies ...

yummy ... some enjoyed the pulut lepa but some say akok was best.


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