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Raja adil raja disembah, raja lalim raja disanggah

Semoga ini menjadi contoh kepada seluruh pemimpin masyarakat serta menjadi budaya kita agar tidak membazirkan wang ringgit.


PETALING JAYA (The Star): The Sultan of Selangor doesn’t want anything lavish for any function he attends, and has asked organisers to stop giving him mementoes.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah asked the state government and the public not to make any elaborate preparation to honour his presence which he said would be a waste of money.

“There is no need to spend RM60,000 to engage a singer to entertain me, or hire a well-known emcee for the event. What purpose does that serve? I am fine with an emcee provided by the state information department,” he said.

He advised organisers to give him books instead, saying he could pass them on to the public library after he had read them.