Peluang untuk mendapat no. menarik bagi mereka yang “gila” nombor pendaftaran kereta … WWW

dipetik dari The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Members of the public wishing to obtain vehicle registration numbers starting with letters ‘WWW” meaning “World Wide Web” can put in their bookings with the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Road Transport Department (RTD) beginning April 30.

Minister of Transport Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said bookings would open for 14 days from 8am to 12 noon until May 14.

“We have received many enquries and calls on the registration number starting with ‘WWW’. One of the reasons why they wanted the number is because it stands for “World Wide Web”, he said in a statement.

He said there are four categories of numbers which can be bought, namely main numbers, attractive numbers, popular numbers and current numbers.

He said the value of a main number from digit 1 to 10 would open with a minimum selling price of RM10,000 while the attractive numbers would be sold at a minimum of RM2,000 while the popular numbers and current numbers open at a minimum of RM300.

Kong said he believed the bookings for ‘WWW’ would receive record high bids for vehicle registration numbers in the country.

“At the moment, the record for a vehicle registration number is for ‘MCA 1’ which was sold for RM300,100.

“On average, the RTD obtains an income of RM1.7mil each year from the booking of vehicle registration numbers. Last year, the amount was more than RM1.8mil compared to RM1.6mil the year before,” he said.

On this, he reminded members of the public who wished to book their numbers to follow the procedures set by RTD including filling up the form and paying the deposit set.

He said the booking forms could be downloaded from the RTD portal at

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