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Fetih 1453 (English:”The Conquest 1453“) is Turkish historical epic movie. It tells the story of Constantinople (Istanbul)’s capture by the Ottoman Turks during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II. It stars Devrim Evin as Mehmet II, İbrahim Çelikkol as Ulubatlı Hasan and Dilek Serbest as Era. Fetih 1453 was released in different countries on 16 February 2012, including United States, the United Kingdom, France, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany, Macedonia, Russia, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Japan and several others. In Turkey, the film was launched at 14:53 local time.

Universal Studios have expressed an interest in acquiring the distribution rights to the film. On the opening day of the movie 300,000 people saw the film, making it a new record for first-day viewing figures for a Turkish film. The film has attracted 3,434,535 million viewers in Turkey since its release.

The film was shot over a period of three years and cost an estimated $17 million – making it the most expensive film in Turkish cinema history. The movie trailer itself took one and a half months to complete and cost $600,000. The trailer was viewed by over 1.5 million people within 24 hours of its release.

The size of the full cast was extensive; the film reportedly required the use of 16,000 extras

The movie starts with a quote from Muhammad, “Constantinople will one day be conquered. The commander who conquers it will be a blessed one, his soldiers are blessed soldiers!”. Fetih 1453 (The Conquest 1453) tells the story of the Capture of Constantinople between 1451–1453 by Mehmed II.