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Below are comments sent to my big sister’s blog post entitled, ‘Bersih 3.0… A peaceful demonstration?

  1. ‘Tell us why a police car ran into the crowd …a boy has been warded because of this….how dare you twist the story…how much did they pay you?’
  2. ‘were you there AA … why are you lying about things you did not see….everything was peaceful until police started gassing people…peaceful marchers….you are typical BN …just put your side of pictures on the media…LIARS..I was there. The police were the thugs.’

Aren’t the comments rude?

My big sister is 14 years old, she doesn’t work for BN and she is not a BN member, so why should BN paid her?

Bersih is fighting for a clean and free election, something like freedom of speech.

So if my big sister thinks that some of the Bersih 3.0′s demonstrator were rude, they should respect her opinion.

It is alright not to agree but do it nicely like the comment I received from ‘formalaysia’:

‘Dear Ahmad, I know you that from your post you have been reading the newspapers, but just to let you know, they are all biased. If you want to know the real truth, please read online newspapers like The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini which give an unbiased view on what happened. Crowd only became angry after excessive tear-gas and water cannon, and protestors overturned the police car because they THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS PINNED UNDERNEATH. So, don’t be fooled by some of the adults. XD’

If they said that police was brutal, why should they too act violently?

As the proverb says, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Videos clearly showed that the violent attacks by the demonstrators caused the accident, so they should accepted the fact and not blamed others; truth has no answer.

And there is no fool like an old fool, the adults should behaved like how adults should and not doing bad things, follow their anger, shouting bad words and act violently.

Please click the links below for photos and videos of Bersih 3.0 rude and violent scenes:

  1. Bersih 3.0:In Videos-Police Brutality?/Video-Keganasan Polis?
  2. Videos-Bersih 3.0 Riot Instigated By Anwar and Azmin?( Video-Anwar dan Azmin Signal Rempuh Dataran Merdeka?)
  3. Photos And Videos of Bersih 3.0 Riot (Gambar dan Video Rusuhan Bersih 3.0)
  4. Bersih 3.0 – As Peaceful As Promised?

Another proverb says, if you are patient in one moment of anger, you will avoid 100 days of sorrow.

I don’t agree with the end justifies the means because crime doesn’t pay so it’s no use to do bad things for any reason.

As you sow, so shall you reap, everybody who broke the rules during Bersih 3.0 should accept that they should be punished.

Bersih organisers should look before they leap, they should think of what would happen before starting a huge street demonstration.

And they must be responsible for the safety of their demonstrators and the violent actions by their demonstrators.

Wisdom is better than strength, the pen is mightier than the sword.

And all that glitters is not gold, a total freedom is not that good, at least for me

The writer, Ahmad Ali, now 9, says: I love to write and I started to write stories when I was 3 years old. I am very happy to start my own blog (at 5 years old). I want to be a politician when I grow up. I like Microsoft PowerPoint, Lego blocks, reading, writing stories, traveling and I love my mama very, very, very much.



After my little brother, Ahmad Ali posted his blog posts on Bersih 3.0, he had received a number of comments from Bersih supporters disagreeing with him. But of course, that is expected since not everyone sees eye to eye with each other on everything. We all have our own opinions, and we are free to voice it out as long as we say it politely and willing to respect the opinions of others too. The comments are nicely written, explaining in detail why they do not agree with him. They are being polite and assertive; as how it should be in a healthy discussion. I find it interesting to how he answered them and that among others helps him to think beyond his age.

On the other hand, my little sister received two shocking comments from a reader of her blog. What my sister did was simply stating her point of view on this whole affair but as the result, she was labelled as a ‘typical BN’ and was insulted further by the accusation that she was paid by the Barisan Nasional(BN). The question now is what happened to the ‘freedom of speech’ the Bersih 3.0 demonstrators were fighting for? They wanted the press freedom in the mainstream media (meaning the freedom of speech) but the very person who went to the street fighting for freedom of speech insulted my sister just because of her different opinion. If they believe that ‘freedom of speech’ is only about agreeing with what they think is right, then they are what they claimed how the BN government is.

I used to have very high respects for the oppositions leaders and supported the first Bersih but the current events changed my mind. Now I do not understand what Bersih and the oppositions are really fighting for. And what happened during and after Bersih 3.0, including the attitudes of the Bersih 3.0′s demonstrators makes me even wonder what their true intentions are. Clean and free election and press freedom? I was sad to read an article in one of the main alternative media entitled, ‘Kereta polis meluru laju, langgar peserta BERSIH’, which twisted the incident while everyone (who cares to find the truth) can clearly see that the man (as shown in the picture of the article) jumped up onto the car to attack the car and he was not hit by the car as reported. Since that article was from a media which was regarded as unbiased and ‘clean’ by Bersih and the oppositions; their supporters just swallowed the story and refuse to watch various videos on YouTube (maybe claiming those videos has been edited by BN) to see how the accident really happened. Even a demonstrator who was near the Dataran Merdeka during the incident would says that, “I was there” hence I know what really happened- even though the accident happened in front of Sogo. If this is an example of press freedom that they are fighting for, then they are just as bad as how they claimed BN to be. Please listen to Micheal Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’, first look at our faults and changed before telling others to do so. As my little brother wrote in his post, Bersih 3.0 Violence – The End Justifies The Means? two wrongs don’t make a right.

On my previous post I had included a video of Mr. Benji Lim’s outburst in the middle of a press conference. It is clear that he was trying to voice out his opinion that the Bersih 3.0 demonstration had been ‘hijacked’ by the oppositions who turned it into a political event and endangered the lives of the demonstrators. What happened to him after the outburst? He had been forced out of the press conference by two men clearly against his will for his last words were, “I am a citizen too”. Again, what had happened to the ‘freedom of speech’ that they are fighting for? And I wonder what will they say if the same incident happens during the prime minister’s press conference?

Freedom of speech means that everybody is free to say what ever they want to say; hence we cannot dictate others to say what we want them to say. So it seems like the ‘press freedom’ that Bersih is fighting for is nothing about the freedom of speech but it is all about reporting what ever they wish, no matter if it is a white lie as long as it is them who lie. Thus, I think that a complete freedom (in all aspect of our life) would only result in anarchy and chaos. There need to be rules to guide us, so that we’ll always be on the right path. Of course, the person who commented on my sister’s blog may claim that it is her right to accuse and insult anyone. And soon smokers would be demanding to smoke in the ‘non-smoking’ areas. And someone may say that this article must be written by another ‘typical BN’ :)

The writer, Aiman Amani says: I am 17 and among my hobbies are sketching, writing, collecting stamps, coins, bank notes, stickers and seashells. And my blog is where I write about myself, things that goes on around me or things that I wish to share with everyone :)


I received two comments for my post, ‘Bersih 3.0… A peaceful demonstration?’ saying:

were you there AA … why are you lying about things you did not see….everything was peaceful until police started gassing people…peaceful marchers….you are typical BN …just put your side of pictures on the media…LIARS..I was there. The police were the thugs.”

“Tell us why a police car ran into the crowd …a boy has been warded because of this….how dare you twist the story…how much did they pay you?”

Please read: ‘We would have stayed peaceful if they haven’t sprayed us-Bersih 3.0 supporters.’ I wrote the above post to answer the above comments with video showing what happened before and after the incident.

Those comments really caught my attention. I am not a Barisan Nasional (BN) member; infact I am not even a BN’s supporter (after what happened, nor am I a Pakatan Rakyat’s supporter, either). I did not write the article (or any other articles) on BN’s instruction. I am just writing my point of view about the demonstration as a peace loving citizen of Malaysia. So, why should BN pay me? It is sad that there are people who sacrificed their time, comfort and safety to join a street demonstration to fight for a clean and free election when they actually do not understand what is freedom of speech. Now it makes me wonder, what exactly are the demonstrators demonstrating for?

The police were the thugs???

I also want a clean and fair election, even though I am not eligible to vote at 14 years old. Bersih is free to fight for a good cause but my complain is, why must they held a street demonstrations and disobey the law? And after looking at how the crowd provoked the police on the night before the event, I asked myself if all the demonstrators really wanted Bersih 3.0 rally to be peaceful?Please read: ‘Bersih 3.0:In Videos-Police Brutality/Video Keganasan Polis?’  

I was accused as a ‘typical BN’. So, for some of the Bersih 3.0 violent street rally demonstrators, those who do not agree with them are the ‘typical BN’ or paid by BN. And anyone who is sensible enough not to support the violant acts done by the demonstrators are BN supporters? Even my little brother understands that, ‘matlamat tidak akan menghalalkan cara’, Please read his blog post: Bersih 3.0 Violence – The End Justifies The Means? Odd… I thought that they are demonstrating for a fair and clean election and not for ‘Anti-Barisan Nasional’. Or are BN’s member right when they claim that Bersih 3.0 is actually the oppossitions’ rally?

Now, what did those plants do to justify their conditions after the event? Are they supporting BN or did they help BN and SPR to cheat in the past elections? Or maybe they are PDRM’s agents who provoked the demonstrators that started the riot; I wonder….

A fair and clean election means no cheating during the elections. If they claim that BN cheated in the pasts elections, so why did the opposition party that was accused to cheat in their own party elections by their own members and ex-leaders was also leading the rally? If the PR leads the country, can we be sure that all the elections are clean and free? But for some Bersih demonstrators, no other political party cheats but BN; so those who were not satisfied were paid by BN…….

So what exactly is Bersih 3.0 demonstration was all about? A fight for a clean and fair election… or was it an ‘Anti-Barisan Nasional’ demonstration?

Please click here for more pictures of the Bersih 3.0 street rally…

The writer, Aeshah Adlina, 14, says: I was born on the 6th of November. I have 4 siblings. I am the second in my family. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am currently home-schooling. My favourite colours are pink, lavender and celeste. My hobbies are writing stories, reading books, and collecting stamps. I like to eat chili con carne very much.


Bersih 3.0 was promised to be a peaceful rally but things turned ugly when the protesters went violent, broke the rules and even acted brutally towards the police. As the dust began to settle, a new question sparked, who is to be blamed?

The protesters blamed the police for the the unrest caused. They claimed that the police violent act of spraying water and shooting tear gas to the crowd sparked anger among them thus caused them to retaliate with force. But according to several videos posted on the internet, the police only shot after the protesters broke the barricades. Isn’t it what the police should have done, control the crowd and keep them from getting out of control? Surely the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) do not want to be blame if things got really out of control like what happened in London between 6th to 10th August 2011.

Let us look back at what the DAP vice-chairman Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim had mentioned in a news conference before the rally took place, by not using the locations offered by the police, the leaders of the rally were “encouraging the people to break the law” – The Star Online (DAP vice-chairman against rally (Update)) 26th April 2012.

Or is there any possibility that the violence is actually intended? The leaders of the rally claimed that they condemn the act of the protesters who broke the barriers blocking the road to Dataran Merdeka. But did they mean it? The opposition leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had been caught on video communicating with PKR deputy president, Azmin Ali and another man (who some had claimed to recognise him as a PKR Seremban member)  using hand gestures just before the man pushed the metal gate blocking the road. Does this suggest that the two PKR leaders instigated the crowd to go against the police? Please watch the video below:

Even if (as the both PKR leaders claimed) they didn’t instigated the breach, why couldn’t Anwar, as the leader, use the megaphone to call back his people? Why wasn’t there any such effort made? And why did he left the scene at that critical moment? If he knew the police would act violently, why didn’t he step down and protect his people? Why did he let his supporters down and let them walked into danger by themselves? No wonder Mr. Benji Lim expressed his anger during the PKR press conference yesterday.

Had they really wanted to organise a peaceful assembly, why couldn’t they agree with the police and settle for a stadium? In a stadium, it is much easier to control a large crowd and there is a less chances of starting violence within the assembly. With the crowd being led away from public roads and private buildings, tourists would not be scared off and this would not disrupt the sales of the shops around the city area as well; thus causing less unrest and possible damage caused. Why are they insisting on using the Dataran Medeka when the police rejects their request for their own safety? Or do they has hidden plans as been said, debated and discussed around the social media.

As a free citizen of a peaceful, democratic country, I wouldn’t want my country to be ruled by unruly mobs who would in the end cause insecurity as what happened in Egypt, Libya and several more during the Arab Spring.

The writer, Aiman Amani says: I am 17 and among my hobbies are sketching, writing, collecting stamps, coins, bank notes, stickers and seashells. And my blog is where I write about myself, things that goes on around me or things that I wish to share with everyone 🙂


Alqamah berpesan kepada puteranya katanaya:

Wahai anakku! Kiranya engkau merasakan perlu bersahabat dengan seseorang maka hendaklah engkau memilih orang yang sifatnya seperti berikut:

1.  Jika engkau membuat bakti kepadanya, ia akan melindungimu.

2.  Jika engkau rapatkan persahabatan dengannya ia akan membalas baik persahabatanmu itu.

3.  Jika engkau memerlukan pertolongan daripadanya berupa wang dan sebagainya ia akan membantumu.

4.  Jika engkau menghulurkan sesuatu kebaikan kepadanya ia akan menerima dengan baik.

5.  Jika ia mendapat sesuatu kabajikan (bantuan) daripadamu, ia akan menghargai atau menyebut kebaikanmu.

6.  Jika ia melihat sesuatu yang tidak baik daripadamu, ia akan menutupnya.

7.  Jika engkau meminta sesuatu bantuan daripadanya, ia akan mengusahakannya.

8.  Jika engkau berdiam diri (kerana malu hendak meminta), ia akan menanyakan kesusahanmu.

9.  Jika datang sesuatu bencana menimpa dirimu, ia akan meringankan kesusahanmu (membuat sesuatu untuk menghilangkan kesusahan itu).

10. Jika engkau berkata kepadanya, nescaya ia akan membenarkanmu.

11. Jika engkau merancangkan sesuatu, nescaya ia akan membantumu.

12. Jika kamu berdua berselisih faham, nescaya ia lebih senang mengalah untuk menjaga kepentingan persahabatan.

Demikian pesanan Alqamah kepada puteranya dalam menggambarkan perilaku sahabat yang sejati.

Ingatkan saya …

... dalam pelbagai pertemuan dengan saudara-saudara sekalian, terutama selepas mana-mana sesi taklimat, kadang-kadang ada yang meminta sesuatu dari saya. Kerap kali dalam kesibukan serta kelemahan saya sendiri, ada ketika janji-janji tersebut terlupa saya tunaikan ... tolong ingatkan saya. PM di FB saya atau emel kepada saya


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