Hadi Awang to Govt: Don’t sign agreements against Islamic principles

seperti dilaporkan dalam The Star Online: Published: Friday November 22, 2013 MYT 11:50:00 AM

hadiawangSHAH ALAM: PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has joined the chorus of other Muslim leaders in urging the government against signing the human rights agreement deemed to be clashing with Islamic principles.

In an apparent reference to Comango, Hadi, in his policy speech at PAS’ 59th Muktamar at Stadium Malawati here, said that the government must reject efforts to encourage ‘immoral activities’.

“The government must also reject any proposal which is contradictory to the status quo in the federal constitution which upholds the position of Islam in the country,” he said.

Comango stands for Coalition of Malaysian NGO’s in the Universal Periodic Review Process (UPR) who had last month submitted recommendations to the United Nations on government’s alleged human rights violations.

They had come under fire from scores of Muslim activists, claiming that the group’s human rights recommendation to the UN were against the true teachings of Islam and the sovereignty of the Federal Constitution.

They had also been slammed for calling for the freedom of religion, including renouncing Islam; the protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) rights; the removal of Malay privileges, the freedom to embrace Syiah teachings; and the right for non-Muslims to use ‘Allah’ to refer to God.

Hadi’s statement also came in the wake of PAS Dewan Ulama chief Datuk Haron Taib statement on Thursday said that the party wing should not sit idly by Comango’s demands, claiming that the group only championed the rights of homosexuals.

“They (the government) should reject any attempt to promote a deviant lifestyle that is against the order of nature,” said Hadi.

Earlier, the party president also said that PAS would continue to be an active partner in the opposition pact, and not a mere “passenger”.

“Remember, our friends in Pakatan Rakyat are also not passengers but everyone is a driver in strengthening the political understanding to a higher level,” he said.



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