Zainah-Marina-demoAllahThe so called “Sisters in Islam” is never a registered organization. Actually, an organization registered under the name of “SIS Forum Sdn Bhd.” is the platform that these group of liberal feminists had been yelling against the Islamic scholars and the ummah at large.

No wonder these disillusion lots went to the extend of claiming that they are the “children of Allah” when suratul Ikhlas clearly states otherwise.

That is why one would wonder what does the acronym of their organization stands for. “Sister in Islam” should have been SII. Not SIS.

I would assume that their organization is actually a forum for Sisters in Sins (SIS) to challenge Islam.

Note: Zainah Anwar is also on the advisory committee of her another like minded mentally disturbed group in the USA – Liberal Yang Sesat – Terjemahkan Bacaan Selari Dalam Solat