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This is an open letter from our fellow beloved brother, Abdul Manaf Pawanchik, answering the Kalimah Allah’s issue.


ATTENTION TO : Catholic Priest, Father Lawrence Andrew, all Christian leaders and to all Christians

NOTE : To All Christians please read this article with open heart and mind in accessing the facts presented.

On the issue of weekly publication ‘The Herald’ insisting to replace the word God with ALLAH in their publication I would like to address some questions and opinions with regard to this matter. This problem won’t arise if you wisely translate the word God to “Tuhan” which is more accurate translation to Bahasa Melayu, not replacing the word god with ALLAH.

I want to ask the Catholic Priest Andrew, what is your intention of insisting to use the word Allah despite prohibition by the ministry of home affairs and the Sultan of Selangor.

You should be aware that by insisting on the use of the word Allah in your publication or the Bible would only mislead and confuse your Christian followers about concept of god (Trinity) in your believe that you preach. By replacing the word ‘God’ with Allah you are actually distorting facts in your Bible. Don’t you realized that you are actually amending verses in the Bible by using god’s name that you did not worship. This will impair your Bible which already being impaired by earlier hands of Christian scholars after Jesus Cruxification as you believed. (actual fact as told in the Quran Jesus was not crucxified). Your Bible is actually being re-written and amended by the hands of Christian clergyman after long absence of Jesus.

The originality of the Bible is questionable because it is not recorded in writing form during the lifetime of the Jesus, this is not so with the Quran.

Allah warned them with this verses:

“Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then they say : “this is from Allah,” to traffic with it for a miserable price! – Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby.” (Quran Chapter 2:79)

If your Bible came from god why there are many versions of the Bible. Bible differ from the Quran in terms of its originality. Quran verses revealed 1400 years ago is still the same verses being printed and read by Muslims throughout the world till this day. Originality of the Quran verses will be protected as guaranteed by Allah.

Christian’s doctrine of Trinity concept that Jesus is God and Son of God is contrary to the concept of oneness of God ALLAH or the concept of TAUHID as defined in the Quranic language. Allah cannot be understood without this concept of his oneness.

They do blaspheme who say: “Allah is one of three in a Trinity”: for there is no god except one Allah. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will be fall the blasphemers among them. (Quran Chapter 5:73)

For this reason the Christians are not eligible to make use the name of Allah in your publication or in your Bible. Moreover Allah is not the god that you worshipped. The concept of god in Islam is totally contrary to your Trinity concept of belief. The two different doctrine of God cannot be coexist to refer to the same God. Any attempt to do so will amount to a vulgarism of sort and an affront to Muslims. It shows disrespect towards the name of the Almighty God ALLAH worshipped by the Muslims.

Pope Benedict-Rabb not AllahIf you want to use the word Allah in your Bible or publications, you are advised to consult your highest Christian authority in the Vatican City (the Pope) to clear the status of Jesus Christ as God or son of god in your Bible, because Jesus is only one of the Prophets of ALLAH. YOUR POPE KNOWS THAT TRUTH.

Inaccuracies and insensitivities in the use and misuse of Allah’s name can only arouse suspicious among Muslims towards Christian authorities intention. This may have public order implication that can lead to tensions and disharmony among religious followers. Beware that freedom of religion in the constitution does not mean that you can twist the fact of oneness of god to influence the adherence of other religion (especially the Muslims) by claiming that you also accept Allah as God.

It seems that you have a hidden agenda/intensions as Allah foretold us in the Qur’an about Jews and Christian characters towards Muslims and Islam.

“It is the wish of a section of the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) to lead you astray. But they shall lead astray (not you), but themselves, and they do not perceive”. (Chapter 3:69).

“Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with you unless you follow their form of religion. Say: “The Guidance of Allah, that is the only Guidance.”” Chapter 2:120).

LailahaillallahBy placing Allah’s name in your publication or the Bible reflecting that you are accepting Allah as your God? Do you want to accept Allah as your Lord as the Muslims believe? What about Jesus Christ and the Trinity concept you preach? Where do you want to place your God Jesus? How many God that you recognized?

If you want to use the word Allah, it is better for you to accept Qur’an without hesitation and accept Allah as your true Lord. The Qur’an is the book of God that complements the earlier scriptures (Gospel for Jesus and Torah for Moses). Accept Islam as your religion. Accept the teachings of the prophet of Muhammad (PBUH) who is the last messenger of God came after Prophet Isa (Jesus). Jesus was sent to Jews and Christians ONLY during His time. Prophet Muhammad brought the religion of Islam as a guidance from Allah universally for the whole mankind of all races.

With all due respect I urge all Christians to re-evaluate Christian doctrine of faith and the authenticity of your Bible. Accept Quran as a guidance in search of God and the truth. Islam will save you and obtain precious love of Allah upon you.

Kindly ponder over Allah’s reminder to all Jews and Christians in order to revert to the truth of religious believe that will not let you go astray.

Say: “O People of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, lords and patrons other than Allah.” If then they turn back, say you: “Bear witness that we are Muslims (bowing to Allah’s will).       (Chapter 3:64)

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost. (all spiritual good). (Chapter 3:85)

This paper is in response to Father Lawrence and Christian authority’s arrogance of challenging the decision made by the ministry of home affairs and directive of the Selangor palace preventing the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

That’s all. Hope you will use your sense of accountability towards God to make right choice of God to be worshipped. Be sincere in your faith towards God. Accept Islam for your salvation.

Yours truthfully and responsible,

(Abdul Manaf Pawanchik) – P.Pinang

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