sheeple-friendsDemikianlah maksud tajuk kiriman blog Helen Ang semalam, “Which is longer: PKR election or sheep pregnancy?

Tempoh pemilihan dalam PKR yang mempunyai ahli yang membuat pemilihan sekadar 50,000 orang sahaja memakan masa 150 hari. Tempoh ibu biri mengandung adalah sekitar 147-148 hari sahaja.

Berbanding negara seperti India yang mempunyai lebih 500 juta pengundi hanya mengambil masa sebulan lebih sahaja untuk diumumkan pemenangnya.

Baca tulisan penuh Helen Ang di bawah atau terus ke blognya:

Today is 26 July 2014. The PKR election started on 26 Apr 2014.

The party election process has passed its third month.

PKR election chief Johari Abdul expects his party election to end by the third week of August. This would mean that the PKR election is scheduled to consume a period of some four months, barring any further delays.

Actually, the PKR election nomination day was March 29. Counting the duration from nomination till the party election’s anticipated conclusion in the third week of August, the process of electing either Azmin or Khalid as deputy PKR president etc, etc would have taken 150 days … or more.

India’s election started on April 7 and finished on May 12, altogether taking 35 days or a little over a month. The results of India’s election were announced on May 16 after 551 million votes were counted.

Let me put that in numerals: 551,300,000 votes were counted by India’s election commission.

Erm, how many members voted in PKR’s election? 50,000?

Note: In the race for PKR deputy president, Azmin has so far garnered 21,000 votes, Khalid about 17,600 and Saifuddin Nasution some 9,900. The trio between them collected a total of 48,500 votes.

The Sheeple

In the time it takes to conclude the PKR election, Papa Sheep and Mama Sheep can make a Baby Sheep and bring the little lamb into the world.



Opposition supporters who are sheeple – although not meek and mild as they’re in reality most aggressive and highly abusive – have this firm belief that a takeover of Putrajaya by Pakatan will set Malaysia on the right track.

It’s an article of faith with them that if Pakatan is put in charge of the federal gomen, assuredly Corruption, Incompetence, Bad Breath, Body Odour and Hannah Yeoh’s Age Spots will be eradicated overnight.


DAP promises to “Bersihkan Malaysia”

The sheeple will chew you up alive if you fail to enthusiastically support their Bersih project for a “Free and Fair” election.

It does not occur to them that Freedom and Fairness, like Charity, begins at home.

The PKR election, for example, has been dogged by allegations of cheating and phantom voters and at the same time seen blackouts, flying chairs and bleeding heads.

If only the Pakatan parties can first clean up their own backyard, then maybe, just maybe, they can gain some little credibility.

For the moment, the only impressive thing about the Pakatoons is the Holy Water that they bottle, distribute and sell. This Jerusubang juice is a miracle product they should market globally — the best snake oil the world has ever seen. Yes really.