Human Rights Watch (HRW) rated Malaysia poorly, said The Malay Mail Online (29 Jan 2015). In the opening paragraph, TMMO wrote:

Malaysia rated poorly in its human rights practices according to the Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) World Report this year, largely due to the heavy-handed use of the controversial Sedition Act 1948.

Let us now look at the HRW report on Malaysia, the opening paragraph too:

In May 2012, the Home Ministry banned the book Allah, Liberty & Love by female Canadian author Irshad Manji. In September 2013, the High Court overturned the ban on the Malay translation, but the Attorney General’s Chambers planned an appeal. The publisher’s application for judicial review of his arrest and prosecution under the Sharia Criminal Offenses (Selangor) Enactment 1995 was pending at time of writing, as was his effort to have the Federal Court declare the law unconstitutional. The publisher also faces charges in the Petaling Sharia Court. Although the High Court ruled in favor of Berjaya Books (Borders Malaysia) that had stocked the book, criminal prosecution in the Sharia court of a store salesperson for being in possession of the book was still pending at time of writing. The English language version of the book is still banned.

Wow, Malaysia is so bad, in the eyes of HRW, in its opening paragraph of the report.

Let us then look at HRW report on US of A. Also the opening paragraph:

The United States has a vibrant civil society and media that enjoy strong constitutional protections. Yet its rights record is marred by abuses related to criminal justice, immigration, national security, and drug policy. Within these areas, victims are often the most vulnerable members of society: racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, children, the elderly, the poor, and prisoners. (emphasis added)

HRW-SorosIsn’t it a clear bias? HRW report starts with how great US of A is and for Malaysia, HRW relate a book banned of an American author to open its report? Why must a specific incident being portrayed for Malaysia to initiate the human rights attack whereas such a beautiful phrase (The United States has a vibrant civil society and media that enjoy strong constitutional protections) to introduce about human rights in a country where HRW is HQed in?

“… a vibrant … media …” ? Did they know that, just to quote one, in 1985, ABC 20/20 “story that probed purported affairs between Marilyn Monroe and both President John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy” had to be cancelled at the very last minute? … talking about vibrant media! Remember Geraldo Rivera resignation from ABC then?

As a Muslim, one cannot practice his right to practice polygamy in such a “great nation of USA”. Yes, polygamy is illegal there … isn’t that is also a human right?

Let us now look at who is behind HRW? How would we digest to understand such funding:

(New York, September 7, 2010) – George Soros, philanthropist and financier, today announced a challenge grant of $100 million over 10 years to Human Rights Watch. The grant from his Open Society Foundations, the largest that he has ever made to a nongovernmental organization, will be used to expand and deepen Human Rights Watch’s global presence to more effectively protect and promote human rights around the world. (

Soros big talk is “human rights”, how about our economic rights? His funding is always to throw us deeper in the economic misery … the Soros style. Soros is also behind MalaysiaKini … The Mole has more about this: Has it not been clear yet?

Human rights activists seek Malaysia to ratify the UN conventions and declarations … does USA has nothing to ratify?

HRW report again:

Malaysia is a member of the UN Human Rights Council but has not signed or ratified most core human rights treaties

No mention about such issue in USA’s report.

I would like to end with this quote from The Global Issues dot org (it will be too long a posting to list all the USA assistance in killing our fellow human being in Israel, in Iraq, in Afghanistan … aghh … it will be too looong):

The USA and Human Rights

The leaders of the United States of America are proud to present the picture of being the foremost bearers of human rights.

  • Yet, they have often been heavily criticized for advancing their own interests and of double standards.
  • They often have not ratified various international human rights related treaties (and where it has, there have been many, many reservations).
  • US diplomats were influential in drawing up the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet the USA has not always put (some of their own) words into action.