The muazzin had just finished his Asar call for prayer (azan), as I walked towards the neighborhood surau, I saw a motorist stopped in front of my house. Both he and the pillion rider were taking photos on their bike. I turned my eyes towards the sky, the direction they were having the phone camera focused on. Masha Allah. SubhanaLlah. A beautiful fire rainbows. With my Nokia Lumia 1020 in my pocket, I quickly captured some photos while walking for my asar prayer. We praise Allah for His Blessings … It was a brief one. It is all gone by the time we finished our solat. Here are some of those photos: firerainbows1







The photos were taken as I walked. Of course there some that got the focus on the wrong subject …


And the shaky hands …



I have been told that it may not be a fire rainbow but instead it is a cloud iridescence – read here:

p.s.: Wow, it has been almost a month since my last post … Orang Gila Macam Nazri Sahaja Yang Tidak Percayakan Hudud