Typical … the most talked about food in Ramadhan … Bubur Lambuk.

For those in Klang Valley, Bubur Lambuk Kg. Baru is of course the most sought. Long queue at the the Masjid Jamek Kg. Baru for a free pack after Asar prayer. Pity that you would see the queue sometimes already started to build up while the Jemaah is still in their solat.

But for those who do not have the time to queue up … you definitely have the abundance of choice at every corners of the packed roads around the masjid.

For us, Kak Sham’s recipe is always our choice. We had tried several others … still Kak Sham’s stands unbeaten. We even still tried another popular one by the main road, last week. Just a pack, despite already having 20 packs from Kak Sham tempting our Ramadhan taste bud in the car … just to proof the point of our favorite Kak Sham’s “resipi warisan Kg. Baru” … yes, we will continue to stick with “sentuhan Kak Sham”.

[AWAS yang menyamar jual nama Kak Sham – kemaskini 8 Julai 2015 – semalam Kak Sham menceritakan seorang pelanggan datang komplen sebab dia beli 100 bungkus – bawa balik basi. Ditanya beli di mana, beliau beli di Jalan Raja Uda dekat simpan jalan Daud – penjual mengaku Kak Sham punya. Itu bukan Kak Sham punya. Kak Sham hanya jual di lokasi tradisi beliau sejak berzaman … sebelah parking Hospital Al-Islam (KBMC), Jalan Raja Alang, depan Masjid Kg. Baru]

If you wonder where, it is the white tent across from the Masjek Jamek on Jalan Raja Alang, just before the traffic light junction – in front of Hospital Al-Islam.

Kak Sham starts selling as early as 11:00 am and usually finished all her 10+ large perioks before Zohor. So go early. Despite all the GST and price hikes issues – she still sells at RM2.00 – same size.

If you meet her, tell her that you got the promo from Karim’s blog … you may get an extra smile from her. 🙂

But … Terenganu’s fishy bubur lambuk has more veggie.

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