Ini satu saranan yang baik oleh Helen Ang supaya Kerajaan siasat bahawa ada unsur-unsur “money laundering” dalam pembicaraan kes penyalahgunaan kuasa/dana di City Harvest Singapura yang dikatakan sebahagiannya telah disalurkan melalui Gereja Subang Jaya City Harvest.

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Govt must investigate Subang Jaya City Harvest church over the RM6.4 million

Singapore authorities found at least RM6.4 million (S$2.1 million) of City Harvest church funds were used to finance the Crossover Project “under the guise of donations to its affiliated church in Kuala Lumpur”.

It sounds a lot like money laundering.

The Straits Times mentioned this detail – again – about the alleged complicity of the church’s Malaysian branch in a news report

yesterday headlined ‘City Harvest Church sees 25 per cent drop in members since 2009‘.

The KL affiliate of the City Harvest church is located in Subang Jaya.




Subang Jaya City Harvest church implicated from the outset

From the very start of the Singapore investigations, the City Harvest church in Subang Jaya was implicated in the corruption probe.

This piece of information on the City Harvest church’s criminal breach of trust (CBT) has been released to the public as early as mid-2012. The Straits Times on 26 June 2012 carried an article headlined ‘City Harvest’s Crossover Project lies at heart of CoC inquiry‘ which said:

“Funds from the church were diverted to finance the project under the guise of donations to its affliated church in Kuala Lumpur between December 2007 and May 2010.

“The church – City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur – then transmitted the monies to support the project in the United States (US).”

CoC refers to the Commisioner of Charities.

BELOW: City Harvest pastors collect a lot of tithe (zakat) from the teeming mass of sheeple … The Devil Wears Prada and loves other branded things

city harvest mega congregation

3G: Gold, Self-Glory and Gospel is greedy scam by preachers

I blogged about the potential element of CBT relating to the involvement of City Harvest KL (Subang Jaya) in my 4 July 2012 posting titled ‘Skandal gereja Singapura-KL, murtad, superstar dan gejala cuci otak‘.

This piece of news has been in the public domain more than three years and even reported multiple times in our neighbour’s premier broadsheet. And mind you, the Straits Times is a Singapore government-controlled newspaper.

That the J-Star has not picked up on such a sordid saga of grave public interest only reflects a conspiracy of silence – a pattern that’s been discernible whenever it concerns reports which put evangelical Christianity and DAP evangelistas in a bad light.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Nest of Evangelistas, DAP are dajjal

All six of the City Harvest church elders and pastors have been found guilty in the Singapore court of all the charges against them. The prosecution featured 1,400 documents as exhibits in the course of 141 days of hearing.

The sensational case ran close to 3-and-½ years and was the most costly trial ever to be conducted in Singapore.

Yet all has been quiet on the Malaysian front over this mega scandal. BN must do something about this trend by the MCA-owned EvangeliSTAR newspaper to black out and bury any info that is unfavourable to the Born Again Christian cult.

It’s high time Muslim NGOS concerned about the covert Christianization of vulnerable Malays press our Malaysian authorities to act.

The MACC should immediately liaise with their efficient Singapore counterparts who have successfully nailed the ‘Christian’ culprits. The City Harvest crooks are all looking at long jail sentences.

Bersih 4_ Sunday mass for the masses

ABOVE: Church selling Bersih 4.0 T-shirts in its compound on a Sunday (screen grab from StarTV)

Now that the Singapore case has concluded with a guilty verdict, it should be the turn of Malaysian holy water dispensers in Subang Jaya to be put under scrutiny.

The Malaysian government must similarly investigate the RM2 churches too on their subversive activities, for example, in promoting the illegal 4.0 Bersih rally.

The authorities also ought to investigate the links between DAP evangelical politicians and these churches.