Olympic di Rio kali ini agaknya dipromosikan sebagai SEXOLYMPIC. Mempromosi kebebasan seks semasa Olympic. Dunia akhir zaman. Sebab itulah bala satu persatu turun kepada Bani Sekbebas.


Moga kita diselamatkan dari gejala Bani Seksbebas ini. Dan semoga Allah memelihara kita dari terkena bala yang didatangi untuk Bani Seksbebas ini.

Sexolympic RioFree at Rio Olympics – nine million forest-friendly condoms

XAPURI, Brazil (Reuters) – Brazil’s government will hand out 9 million condoms for free around Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics in August, a push meant to encourage safe sex and also defend the Amazon rainforest.

Rio’s local Olympic organizing committee said about 450,000 of the sustainably-produced condoms will be destined for athletes and staff housed in the Olympic Village.

The rest will be made widely available to the many visitors who will be arriving in the city in just a few weeks, the Health Ministry said.

All the condoms to be distributed are produced by Natex, a factory in the western Amazonian state of Acre, deep in the rainforest near Brazil’s border with Bolivia.