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EvangometerMake no mistake. The movers and shakers in DAP are evangelical Christians, and its top leadership comprises evangelistas.

This little detail was realised by PAS after seven years of up close and personal in tahaluf siyasi. See, ‘Dewan Ulama PAS: Cina DAP rata-rata Kristian, lawan hukum Allah


  • First a district
  • Then a city
  • Next a state
  • Eventually the nation

(1) First a district

tweet DUMC-HannahYeoh-onPoliticsThey started with wanting to “Take Subang for Jesus“. And they succeeded.

DUMC, by the way, is the Damansara Utara Methodist Church which was once raided by Jais.

(2) Then a city

DUMC-winKLforJesus2012Their ambition grew to wanting to “win our  city (KL) for Jesus” — see DUMC Facebook posting screenshot below.

Over one Merdeka weekend during the biggest rally by Chinese pro-oppositionists, KL was swamped by Yellow Shirts. “Kolumpo kita punya #Bersih4

EricPaulsen-tweet-Kolumpo kita punya Bersih4


(3) Next a state

Electorally, DAP have set their sights on Johor. Some among the evangelical Christians share the same dream to take “Johor for Jesus”

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Sarawak is smart to ban uber evangelista Hannah Yeoh from stepping foot on their soil.

HannahYeoh-tweet-refuse entry Sarawak-2016


nga-hate politics



(4) Eventually the nation

In God they trust to guide [Malaysia] back to Jesus.

On Aidil Fitri, DAP Perak’s evangelical warlord David Nga Kor Ming prayed, “Lord, guide our nation back to you [Jesus Christ]”.



BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s birthday wishes for the pastor of City Harvest Church Subang Jaya whom she hopes will “continue to grow from strength to strength”

WHAT HANNAH WANTS: … ” transforming this land” …


David Nga’s female counterpart Hannah Yeoh urges the young generation of Malaysians to transform this land.

Think more deeply about her call. She wants our country (a Muslim land) transformed into what?

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