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What a stab in the back from the golfing buddy. The DoJ presser was like a whack on the head with a golf club. Is Uncle Sam trying to spring an Arab Spring on us?

Suppose that come November, the Islamophobic Donald Trump succeeds in becoming Potus?

trump jesus banner

Not that the hawkish Hillary is any more of a peace-lover — she has, after all, a reputation for warmongering in the Middle East when she was Secretary of State.

Guardian - church - CInaWhichever one of them gets to sit in the Oval Office, the influence of the neo-cons and Christian fundamentalists will surely be felt in the White House; it’s just a matter of degree. What then will be the USA’s policy on foreign affairs wrt Islam?

In which case, perhaps China rather than the American hegemon will be a better friend for the small Muslim countries.

To refresh our understanding

China is Chinese.

DAP does NOT! represent Chinese culture nor civilization.

While its members may largely be of Chinese ethnicity, DAP is in essence an evangelical party with a structure that’s Christian top-heavy.

christianworldnews-christianstudent-chinaMCA, the Malaysian CHINESE Association, is the organization which has ties with China. DAP, on the other hand, is a child of PAP — the ruling party in Singapore which is America’s chief satellite in our region.

China and her one billion ‘real’ Chinese are freaked out by evangelistas.

DAP, the evangelical party that is supported by the Chinese diaspora in Malaysia, is actually a departure and aberration from mainstream Chinese sentiments.

What the Umno/Malay/Muslim-led gomen needs to know

There is at present yet another clampdown on churches in China.

Beijing is simply freaked out by the Chinese evangelistas. It is the same creepiness like if Malaysia were to hear that Malays are converting to Christianity in droves.

Evangelical Christianity poses an existential threat to the Chinese nation state. The Tokugawa shogunate had also come to the same conclusion in Japan’s not-too-distant past.

Wenzhou authorities remove the cross of a 'Chinese Jerusalem' church in Dongyang on 30 May 2014

File pix: Wenzhou authorities remove the cross of a Dongyang church on 30 May 2014

“All of the crosses will go”

Previously, demolition of churches by the Chinese authorities had centred on Wenzhou, a seaport city in Zhejiang province that’s dubbed the ‘Jerusalem of the East.

But state action on churches has now expanded to Hangzhou, which is the Zhejiang capital. A district government in Hangzhou recently tore down a large cross displayed on a church wall in Jianghan.

China is intensifying her campaign to remove a potent symbol of Christianity – the (rooftop) church cross – from dominating the Chinese skyline.

“The crosses have come down in waves, with at least 1,200 removed as of last summer [2015], according to people working for government-run churches. Many local residents [in Zhejiang] estimate the figure is now close to 1,700.

“It was quiet late last year,” one local Christian said, “but the government is now making it clear that all of the crosses will go”— see ‘Decapitated churches in China’s Christian heartland‘ (The New York Times, 21 May 2016).

China is a one-party state

The party politburo is a body that rules over 1.3 billion China citizens. It is a huge responsibility taking charge of the teeming masses.

Hannah Yeoh

Lay preacher Hannah Yeoh is among the prominent DAP evangelistas camping in mosques; PAS should be monitoring not only Penang but Subang Jaya too

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PAS: ‘Buletin Mutiara sebar doktrin canggah Islam ke masjid di P. Pinang’

Bulldozing churches is not a decision to be carried out lightly unless the communist oligarchs are convinced that such a course of action is in the best interests of China.

It is only because they firmly believe evangelistas are a clear and present danger to China’s existing social order that the rulers in Beijing have greenlighted the current crackdown.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Ubah — change in Malaysian geopolitics

China’s leaders understand well the Chinese psyche and how Chinese subversives operate. (Evangelistas are a deviant cult.)

Umno leaders evidently do not comprehend Chinese behaviour, much less which among the Chinese community are evangelistas, i.e. a group not even belonging to mainline Christianity.

PAS ulamas are more clueless (due to the lack of exposure to, and interaction with evangelistas) and thus were easily suckered by DAP into allowing its evangelistas to occupy masjid and surau.

Hannah Yeoh pergi ke masjid untuk ma

If Malaysia finds itself realigned in the near future — moving closer to China and becoming more distant from America, then the factor of China’s wary attitude to the evangelistas and on the other side of the coin, the influence of the evangelicals in Congress and on the White House must be carefully evaluated by Najib and the PMO.

huan2u-fanatics DAPTeam Najib must understand that something like the mutant missionary DAP would be an anathema to China, to Beiijng and to the billion-strong Chinese polity.