[reblog dari Helen Ang] One of my old articles dating back to 1 Aug 2014 recently made an ‘anniversary’ appearance in social media. Some influential Facebookers had viraled it. The title is ‘Malays can rule on their own without sharing power with Chinese’.

It was the concluding piece to a four-part series containing my suggestions on how BN can regain Selangor, and has plenty of my trademark charts and graphs.

The second installment in the same take-back-my-home-state series appeared in this blog on 29 July 2014 under the headline  ‘S’gor re-election: Strategies to help BN win‘. It similarly featured those oh so annoying (in the eyes of some jealous 20k storyteller blogger at least who is short on facts and weak in figures) “fancy charts and colourful graphs”.

In that 29 July 2014 article, I’d also written a description on how “catching a glimpse of Khalid in Ijok is as rare as encountering a tenggiling in Bangsar or Nurul Izzah in Pantai Dalam” — see screenshot below.

My description about “encountering a tenggiling in Bangsar or Nurul Izzah in Pantai Dalam” must have tickled the fancy of some Lembah Pantai Umno politicians because I found the expression repeated yesterday in Twitter.

Btweet-HarleenQuinzel-ZuhriAzizut while I had referred to Khalid Ibrahim, the rare sighting of a ‘pangolin in Bangsar’ imagery was refreshed and applied to Rafizi Ramli in Pandan in their tweet and retweets ( ->).


I’m quite chuffed to find my analysis being circulated in social media as well as my quirky turn of phrase about that pangolin (tenggiling) becoming a meme when I don’t myself possess any Facebook or Twitter account.

To Umno Youth exco Zuhri Aziz – below – who claims to have come across pangolins in Bangsar, methinks he ought to give Jabatan Perhilitan a call to come and pick up the wildlife. Pangolins are a critically endangered species.

Connectivity between old media platforms and new soc-med

It’s good anyway to learn that ideas generated in the blogs (a diminishing media platform) are able to percolate into FB and Twitter.

But while my own contributions in this respect are positive, I’m afraid to say that contributions by certain pro-opposition Melayu bloggers are negative and destructive.

There one particular always-lying-fraudster Melayu blogger that the Umno fellas should take note of. They can ask Khaled Nordin’s boys as to the identity of the turncoat.

The tweet and retweets above about “tenggiling in Bangsar’ is an indicator of how catchy ideas are liable to be picked up and disseminated., But in the process also, they can become divorced from the source or link to its originator.

And this is where and how those Melayus who are DAP macai pose a danger to Umno.

anime sailor moon snigger

RBA dan Melayu DAP memang pandai menyamar

As any Umno media operator would be aware, the RBA are both slick and sneaky. They’re the experts in spreading slander.

What’s happening now is that these RBA have become handlers who are parasites perching on Malay social media and blogs. Of late, one particular Melayu Protun blog has been swamped by Dapsters.

Through their dominance (takeover) of the Malay blogs and other info outlets, these RBA can inject their subversive ideas, Firster slogans and other dirty tricks propaganda to reach a Melayu totok audience which they otherwise cannot.

In other words, Melayu-Melayu on the DAP payroll are opening a new market segment for the evangelical party.

Subliminal training of Protuns — the Melayu screw Melayu strategy

One populist Melayu blogger has allowed his airhead blog to become the vehicle of opposition black propaganda.

sailor moon giggling

“Adinda” yang ayu, konon

His Malay readers – who are hardcore Protuns – are being brainwashed into becoming parrots who mindlessly repeat pro-Chinese soundbites and pro-Christiantalking points.

It may all be occurring at a subconscious level but, nonetheless, the small group of Melayu pentaksub Tun are parroting lies and allegations that they absorbed from the Melayu blog which is now under RBA control.

Without themselves even realising it perhaps, the Protun parrots have been trained to repeat elsewhere – squawking here and squawking there – the fabricated stories and unfounded accusations which the RBA are experts at concocting.

parrot ani

Only rambling and writing whatever crosses his mind, konon

Aside from RBA input, the aforementioned Melayu blogger – like the proverbial Si Kitol – is carrying out subtle indoctrination to make his Malay readers leka.

He tells them – by pretending it’s only his innocent ramble – that there is no need to fight all the time.

Fighting is hate-hate-hate. And that’s really not nice! It’s better to make peace not war. Relax a bit, take it easy okay (almost hypnotically) relax, take it easy, relax okay, aiyah just rileks lah … kan Melayu bangsa yang selalu selanba jer…

Niat jahat untuk buat Melayu asyik dan leka sebenarnya bakal menguntungkan siapa? Cuba lu pikir sendiri pihak yang mana dapat manfaat daripada kejayaan kaedah licik ini.

coffee cups love

Former Umno Johor operative gone rogue

You can tell how far the 20k Malay blogger is compromised by looking at his preaching love-love-love (copying from the evangelista playbook) and his constantly trying to dilute the warnings and concern voiced by the Muslim religious authorities.


Ramai Kristian Melayu rahsiakan identiti mereka

DAP has no prominent ustaz member in its stable. So it is left to its macai-macai Melayu to scold Jakim or complain about the contents of khutbah Jumaat (e.g. those touching on Quran verse 2:120) or whack the term ‘kafir harbi’.

Blogosphere’s champion whacker goes one step further in his contrived tug-at-heartstrings tall story and hints that non-Muslims can go to heaven too.

Moving on from Melayu screw Melayu, the game plan is now extended to Melayu sesatkan Muslim.