A couple who always enjoyed to be with my almarhum beloved father-in-law (despite very little verbal exchanges) – either at our house or when we visited their house – wrote this touching piece …

We are sad to hear of Pa’cik’s passing, but we are also happy that he passed on after a long, fruitful, and interesting life – and in the care of a very loving and supportive family.

We have always been very happy to see Pa’cik, and – judging from his smiles – he has been at ease visiting us. And we have always been very moved by the way you have all looked after him. In that respect, he was a very, very lucky man – having a family like you all to help him through the autumn and winter days. You are really good people.


Taken almost exactly a year ago, the three enjoying their BBQ.

We were so glad to see Pa’cik just days before he passed away. No, he wasn’t his old self, and he was probably ready to go – but he had reached his nineties and he was still loved, he could still walk around, he could still smile with a twinkle in his eye. He had that same twinkle in his eye when we last saw him a few days ago. And it is that which we will remember him by: the Pa’cik with the twinkling eyes – and there aren’t many of those around!.

So our sadness is mixed with a particular pleasure. For me, it is the same feeling I had when I visited Maznoor’s uncle in his hospital room shortly before he died. This was an uncle Maznoor had often talked about, an uncle who had been a good companion, guide, and inspiration – a source of so many interesting stories from a long and varied life. And now, at last (if just too late to hear such stories from his own lips) I was meeting the man. It was a shame it was late, but it was a privilege nonetheless.

We would love to see you all when you are less preoccupied – and send you our apologies for not seeing you today, but I am a little handicapped when it comes to sitting for any length of time.

But our prayers are with you all.

Iain and Maznoor.