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Saya telah kumpul berpuluh, mungkin sudah seratus jumlahnya, petikan kata-kata, tulisan, ucapan, rakaman video dan pelbagai lagi – kata-kata nista evangelis Kristian terhadap nama Allah. Mereka benci dan hina Allah.


Itulah jahat dan licik tipu daya strategi evangelis Kristian. Dalam pada ada yang tuntut hendak guna hingga ke Mahkamah Persekutuan, evangelis Kristian mengHINA nama suci Allah.

Sebab itu frasa yang paling tepat ialah bukan mereka tuntut untuk guna. Tetapi mereka tuntut untuk SALAH GUNA kalimah Allah.

Kaedah penggunaan istilah-istilah dan cara-budaya masyarakat setempat dalam menyebar ajaran sesat Kristian ini disebut kontekstualisasi. [baca; Kontekstualisasi… ancaman baru gejala murtad] Mereka bukan sahaja ingin salah guna nama Allah, mereka juga cuba mengabui mata orang awam dengan mengguna pelbagai istilah lain yang lazim diguna dalam amalan agama Islam.

Kalau untuk Malaysia, Indonesia dan seumpamanya, mereka hendak salah guna kalimah Allah. Kalau untuk masyarakat Hindu, mereka akan tipu penganut Hindu dengan mengguna istilah Iswar/Iswara – tuhan Hindu.[baca: Nama Tuhan Kristian Ialah ISWAR? Bukan Jesus dan Bukan Allah?] Dan begitulah nama tuhan orang Kristian agaknya boleh ditukar-tukar. [baca: Nama Tuhan Kristian Boleh Ditukar-tukar]. Sedangkan Pope Benedict XVI sendiri tolak penggunaan nama Allah. [baca: Pembohongan Evangelis TERBONGKAR Lagi … Apa Pope Benedict XVI Kata?]

Dalam bentuk infografik di bawah, saya kumpulkan beberapa petikan dari pelbagai sumber evangelis Kristian sendiri, yang diungkapkan sendiri oleh tokoh-tokoh besar evangelis Kristian mereka yang benci dan hinakan nama Allah.



Silalah baca kumpulan tulisan dari blog ini berkaitan isu-isu Kristianisasi:

Negara kita sudah hendak bankrupt. Negara Kita Sudah Teruk Kerana Hutang Yang Tinggi !!!

Itulah yang dihasut dan fitnah oleh orang-orang seperti Rafizi “Kerja Menghasut” Ramli. Namun ini yang dilaporkan tentang 19 buah negara yang paling tinggi hutangnya. Lihatlah profil negara-negara dilaporkan tersebut.

Benarlah kerja pembangkang ialah menghasut dan fitnah.

The 19 countries with the highest level of government debt

Friday 30 September 2016 –

highest-debt-nation-independentukWe are now living in a world where interest rates are super-low, even negative in some cases, across some of the richest nations.

This means it is cheaper for people and governments to service their debts while also promoting spending.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Survey looks at the financial health and risks of countries around the world.

One of the most interesting and important rankings is actually the level of government debt.

By looking at level of gross government debt as a percentage of GDP, it can indicate how able a country is to pay back debts without incurring further debt. Basically, the lower the debt-to-GDP ratio the better.

Take a look to see who made the top 19:

19. Canada — 91.5%. While Canada is behind the US in the overall competitive country ranking by WEF, it has a lower debt to GDP ratio while the US “lags behind Canada in the quality of institutions, macroeconomic environment, and health and primary education.”

18. Gambia — 91.6%. WEF points out that the West African country does not just suffer from high levels of government debt versus its GDP, access to financing and onerous foreign currency regulations make doing business in the country difficult.

17. Jordan — 91.7%. WEF says “addressing macroeconomic challenges will be key to freeing up public funding for competitiveness-enhancing investment” as it geopolitically suffers from being close to Syria and Iraq.

16. Ireland – 95.2%. The country has reduced its GDP to debt ratio from 122.8% last year, as it continues its success in refinancing a large amount of banking-related debt.

15. France – 96.8%. France’s government debt to GDP ratio has widened this year as it struggles with weak productivity and wages.

14. Singapore — 98.2%. The country is one of the richest in the world and it has managed to reduce its GDP to debt ratio from 103.8% last year. Meanwhile, the government is now trying to find new ways to grow the economy and raise productivity.

13. Spain — 99%. Spain, like many eurozone countries, is trying to raise productivity across the country to boost its economy.

12. Barbados — 103%. The tax-haven nation is the wealthiest and most developed country in the eastern Caribbean, but its growth prospects look weak due to austerity measures to combat the effects of the credit crisis eight years ago.

11. United States — 105.8%. It will be all change over the next few months when US President Barack Obama leaves office and either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump takes over. The Federal Reserve is also tipped to be on the cusp of raising interest rates soon.

10. Belgium — 106.3%. The country is home some of the most powerful people in the world, thanks to Brussels, but the nation suffers from high government debt levels as it battles with restrictive labour and tax regulations, says WEF.

9. Cyprus — 108.7%. The country has managed to reduce its GDP to debt ratio from 112% last year, as it continues to repair itself following its excessive exposure to Greece.

8. Bhutan — 115.7%. The small Asian economy is closely linked to India and depends heavily on it for financial assistance and foreign labourers for infrastructure.

7. Cape Verde — 119.3%. The island nation is a service-orientated economy and suffers from a poor natural-resource base. This means it has to import 82% of its food, leading to vulnerability to market fluctuations.

6. Jamaica — 124.3%. The services industry accounts for 80% of GDP, but high crime, corruption, and large-scale unemployment drag the country’s growth down.

5. Portugal — 128.8%. Portugal exited its own bailout programme in the middle of 2014, and it is still trying to economically recurperate.

4. Italy — 132.6%. The country’s proportion of debt to GDP is the second highest in the Eurozone. Italy is also at one of its most crucial crossroads in recent history as the nation goes to vote on constitutional reforms soon.

3. Lebanon — 139.1%. The country used to be a tourist destination, but war in Syria and domestic political turmoil have caused ructions across the economy.

2. Greece — 178.4%. The country is continuing to suffer since the sovereign debt crisis of 2010. It is still struggling to make debt repayments after being bailed out continually by international creditors and is still in full force of a stringent austerity drive.

1. Japan — 248.1%. The country’s debt to GDP ratio is enormous. The country is in a troubling spot. Its economy is growing very slowly and now the central bank has implemented negative interest rates.

Ingatkan saya …

... dalam pelbagai pertemuan dengan saudara-saudara sekalian, terutama selepas mana-mana sesi taklimat, kadang-kadang ada yang meminta sesuatu dari saya. Kerap kali dalam kesibukan serta kelemahan saya sendiri, ada ketika janji-janji tersebut terlupa saya tunaikan ... tolong ingatkan saya. PM di FB saya atau emel kepada saya


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