The Golden Gate aka Jerusalem Jubilee event planned by an evangelical church this week has courted controversy and sparked mass protests from Malay and Muslim groups the last couple of days.


Evangelicals are seen to be sympathetic to Zionists.

Some of the Malaysian participants in an earlier jubilee convocation – see 2015 promo clip below – are possibly Christian Zionists.

PAS has been asking again and again whether DAP’s evangelicals have any links to Christian Zionists. So far, no answer has been forthcoming from the born again Christian Lim Guan Eng’s party.

Local evangelists look to Jerusalem

According to western researcher Iain Buchanan, evangelicals believe the ‘Golden Gate’ (Malaysian gateway) connects messianic Christians to Israel, and this connection is “fundamental to Christian Zionist evangelizing”.

The Jerusalem-oriented (berkiblatkan Baitul Maqdis) evangelists are the born again Malaysian Chinese.

Page 116 of Buchanan’s book ‘Sang Nila Utama & The Lion Of Judah – Dominionism and Christian Zionism in Malaysia’ talks about Jerusalem’s Golden Gate

Subang Jaya evangelicals sound the ‘shafor’ − a Jewish prayer horn

Following strong public objections, Home Minister Zahid Hamidi yesterday slapped a ban on the Golden Gate event scheduled to be held in Malacca.



‘PAS: Is Hannah a Christian Dominionist?’ — READ

This pro-Jerusalem religious orientation of Malaysian evangelicals prompted UUM senior lecturer Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff to post his views today in Facebook.

Dr Kamarul cautioned:

“… seruan-seruan yang dilaungkan bukan sahaja oleh Tom Hess dan Afeef Halasah, tetapi juga Hannah Yeoh, ini sangat tidak wajar.

“Seruan-seruan seperti ‘Malaysia milik Saya’, ‘Dia akan mengambil semula Malaysia untuk-Nya’ dan ‘Kehendak umum Tuhan kepada semua kita di Malaysia ialah untuk menakluk negara ini dengan Kerajaan Tuhan’, jika dibiarkan berterusan, boleh mendatangkan ancaman kepada negara.”

Dr Kamarul said such calls to take Malaysia for Jesus pose a threat to our country [public order]

Hannah Yeoh has been the VIP patronizing the ‘Subang for Christ’ event series many consecutive years; her youthful flock in the Subang Rally are fervent in wanting to rise up and take Subang for Jesus.

Subang Jaya − evangelical capital of Malaysia

The evangelical churches in Subang Jaya feature sermons telling their congregation that Malaysia can be won for God.

Scholar Dr Chris Chong once observed that Subang Jaya “has the most churches per capita in Malaysia” — READ  —->

One of the churches seemingly touched by Jewish influences is the Full Gospel Tabernacle. FGT was founded by Rev. Eu Hong Seng, the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship chairman.

Hannah makes her political appearance in FGT − Subang Jaya’s most controversial evangelical church

Ridhuan Tee noted that the evangelicals are not only “very aggressive just like the Zionists” but the Chinese born again ones in Malaysia behave “more Christian than original Christians”.

Subang Jaya state assemblyman Hannah Yeoh converted to Christianity at age 19.