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In response to the posting A Drop of Tears for a Reason, my Ayah Ngah had responded with a brief comment for my very naughty for that publicity posting. Rather than listing as comment under the posting – I would like to post his special comment here:





It is high praise indeed that this posting is ‘dedicated’ to what I do. It is so flattering and humbling. A couple of friends who have ‘connections’ have suggested that I get interviewed for TV or newspapers, to which idea I have so far vehemently declined. I would like the write-up on the good that we do is targeted only to those who are likely to take it as a model to do something similar, ‘kerana Tuhan untuk kemanusiaan’, nothing more, nothing less. It should have a chance to be a stimulus, a catalyst, never a sensational publicity item. We pay too much attention to create empty slogans and publicity, and we have had enough of these.

Since the posting has been made (without my knowledge) and it is for the Sulaimanians, I thank you. I owe a lot of my life to that school, a concrete stepping stone to whatever success I have had. Perhaps many more Sulaimanians will create their own challenges and succeed through endeavour, the school motto. Our school has produced successful Tun, Tan Sri and so on. Many in the country do not realise that these individuals are the product of a humble school, fifty years ago unfairly dubbed ‘sekolah kajang’, after the fire. In fact it was within the ‘kajang’ walls I received my English education, for no less pride. Let each of us contribute something within our means to the community. I know better today how rewarding this can be, something money cannot buy.

Hassan (Almanar)

We work and work. We work for our family well being and future security. To send the kids to school and later to the university. To pay the house rental and later buy a house. After years of working for us, our family and for our material well-being we retire. Many retire for good. Mostly we “duduk ssaje” – plainly do nothing really beneficial.

I remember my Allahyarham father (Pok), he never just duduk ssaje. Be it while he was still teaching as “Ustaz” nor after he retired. In his late forties and fifties, after coming back from school, we would “gi kkebun” about 3-4 times a week. Not that we have large orchard or farm but something to toil a 2 acre piece of coconut trees near Gong Badak and another larger piece near Bukit Payung.

And the same he would continually do after his retirement adding a regular “kelas nggaji” that he studiously attend at various places such as Tok Guru Haji Abas and Tok Guru Abdul Rahman of Patani at Kuala Ibai. Never would I see him “duduk cconggok” at any “wakah” or “ssembang di keda kopi” wasting the precious time.

On the 6th Shawwal, my dad’s first cousin came to my mum’s house for a Raya visit. We had earlier planned to visit him that day at his house near Mengabang Telipot (as we always do every year) but since he is coming to town to visit relatives then we decided to just meet at my mum’s house. He is one who would never “duduk ssaje”, after his retirement from a very senior position in an oil company. This posting is dedicated for his effort to ensure better future for the rural folks children around his nice beach house.

Ayah Ngah Hassan (which I had wrote about him here, has a mission. His mission is to see the rural Malays successful and given the opportunity to be successful. His motto is “BERBAKTI KERANA TUHAN UNTUK KEMANUSIAAN” – helping the humanity for the sake of God is such a holy aspiration. And that is what he had been doing after retiring and built a house far away from town to contribute to the surrounding society.

In his own personal capacity, he has established “Amanah Almanar” ( Almanar Trust) in 1994 which among others provides “free tuition centre” ( But free does not mean one can walk in-and-out freely. Despite giving a free guidance, he is strict with his students. Only the serious and committed ones will stay (allowed to stay!). The students are really from the poor and parents who are not able to see the value of excellent education.

During our conversation (which I always enjoy listening to his mission, his work and his success stories), he talked about the wastages of so many government projects. Some are useless even when the projects are being planned but many are wasteful because of its implementation, delivery, supervision and most importantly corruption all over.

He then start to talk about his trust. Despite he had some of the stories mentioned a few times before, I would still patiently listen with full interest. It has been 14 years of dedication, patience and hardwork. A Sulaimanian and England trained engineer back to teaching secondary English, Math and Science in a rural Terengganu – all by himself.

These are the stories that our local TV should do documentaries of – not about the longest popiah roll for the record or any of such dumb stuff. I had suggested to some local TV producers – but was given a “no commercial” value reply or no reply at all.

Back to my “Woh”, as I interchangeably call him besides Ayah Ngah, this year, he has lots of heart-touching stories to tell. I will just share about one – about a special girl who is now a teacher. [Read: End of the tunnel, at last! – Part 1 here]

Humbly talking about Ana Sarda success, his eyes turns watery and minutes later he was unable to control and took out his handkerchief to wipe the tears that flowed down. Yes, very touching. It touched me too, but I have to hold on. Ana is definitely not the only girl. Almanar alumni has engineers and many other profession.

Ayah Ngah did it all by himself but not without great resistance from some parents. There are objections coming from the school and the teachers themselve too. Good deeds are often being wrongly construed. I pray Allah to give my father’s cousin the strength to continue his work and may Allah reward it in the Jannah for your never “duduk ssaje”. And also to Che Ngah for the support given to Ayah Ngah. I also pray more of our abled-people to “berbakti” to the society in many other ways. Though what Hassan bin Abdul Karim had done is examplary but not many can dedicate their time and money to follow – despite having tonnes of money wasted on extra luxury car or yatch. Ayah Ngah only drives a Gen-2.

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