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PETALING JAYA: A profile with a picture of an attractive woman is all it takes to get some Netizens to reveal personal details.

The Star, in wanting to see how easy it is to be “friends” on Facebook, showed that some Netizens were more than willing to give information like their handphone number, car registration number and house address when messaging someone that they think is single and an attractive stranger.

It was also to create awareness, as advised by the police, that people should be cautious about speaking to strangers online and should refrain from giving any personal information.

A dummy profile was set up, with a blank profile page but with a photo of a young woman.

Within the first two hours, 11 users sent a friend request.

“I’ve to say girl, you look beautiful!” a 20-year-old user wrote in to the dummy profile’s inbox.

The person, who claimed to be a student, said he was looking for friendship and spoke at length about his ambitions, likes and dislikes during the one-hour conversation.

He willingly gave information, such as his handphone number and his address, without much hesitation.

“I’m going but maybe we can chat again tonight?” he said before ending the conversation.

Another Netizen, who identified himself as Asrul, told the dummy profile that he was a 27-year-old married man from Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.

“Would you like to meet at a club later tonight? I can pick you up,” said the man, who also offered to pay for dinner and drinks.

When asked about his spouse, the man said his wife wouldn’t find out and made a date.

He gave his handphone number and his car’s registration number.

It was reported that over three people fall victim to online scams daily and that as many as 613 victims have collectively lost RM25.89mil to syndicates between January and September this year.

Federal Cyber Security and Multimedia Investigation Division dir

ector Asst Comm Mohd Kamaruddin said syndicates posing as singles online were able to persuade some Malaysians into giving compromising photos, details and even large sums of money with the promise of companionship.

He said syndicates would target and flirt with lonely individuals over several months before conning them.

“We are not saying that it is wrong to find your lover online, but people should be wary of who they fall in love with on the Net,” said Mohd Kamaruddin.

The police recently uploaded a Universiti Malaya study on the persuasive languages used by scam-mers to cheat victims online, on their Facebook page at

– source: The Star.

Does that mean that we should be proud of it? Or does it show that we are wasting lots of time on-line ? 9 hours per week [masha Allah] on social networking sites such as Facebook!!!

After studying the patterns of my blogs hits over the years (from the numerous blogs that I am maintaining) – we Malaysians browse internet more in the office than from home. Hits are always low during weekends …

Here is an article from The Time:

-The Most Cyber-Sociable Country: Malaysia

An American may have invented Facebook, but when it comes to social networking, we can’t touch Malaysia.

A new study, conducted by the research firm TNS, interviewed 50,000 consumers in 46 countries to investigate their cyber-socializing habits. The results showed that where Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, Japanese people have the fewest. In Malaysia the average number of digital friends is 233, closely followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway. This is compared to just 12 friends in Japan, and 68 in China. The results could suggest “a culture that embraces fewer but closer friendships,” said TNS’s chief development officer Matthew Froggatt, reported the BBC.

However, as well as having most friends, Malaysians were also the heaviest users of social networking sites, spending a whopping nine hours per week on average communicating with their hoards of online friends. Russia came a close second, with its people spending an average 8.1 hours per week online, and Turkey third with 7.7 hours a week.

So, perhaps being cyber-sociable doesn’t necessarily mean you’re particularly sociable in real life.


Here is an article from but more importantly is we need to reduce facebooking BUT encourage more BOOKFACING especially among our young ones …

Using a weak password

Avoid simple names or words you can find in a dictionary, even with numbers tacked on the end. Instead, mix upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. A password should have at least eight characters. One good technique is to insert numbers or symbols in the middle of a word, such as this variant on the word “houses”: hO27usEs!

Leaving your full birth date in your profile

It’s an ideal target for identity thieves, who could use it to obtain more information about you and potentially gain access to your bank or credit card account. If you’ve already entered a birth date, go to your profile page and click on the Info tab, then on Edit Information. Under the Basic Information section, choose to show only the month and day or no birthday at all.

Overlooking useful privacy controls

For almost everything in your Facebook profile, you can limit access to only your friends, friends of friends, or yourself. Restrict access to photos, birth date, religious views, and family information, among other things. You can give only certain people or groups access to items such as photos, or block particular people from seeing them. Consider leaving out contact info, such as phone number and address, since you probably don’t want anyone to have access to that information anyway.

Posting your child’s name in a caption

Don’t use a child’s name in photo tags or captions. If someone else does, delete it by clicking on Remove Tag. If your child isn’t on Facebook and someone includes his or her name in a caption, ask that person to remove the name.

Mentioning that you’ll be away from home

That’s like putting a “no one’s home” sign on your door. Wait until you get home to tell everyone how awesome your vacation was and be vague about the date of any trip.

Letting search engines find you

To help prevent strangers from accessing your page, go to the Search section of Facebook’s privacy controls and select Only Friends for Facebook search results. Be sure the box for public search results isn’t checked.

Permitting youngsters to use Facebook unsupervised

Facebook limits its members to ages 13 and over, but children younger than that do use it. If you have a young child or teenager on Facebook, the best way to provide oversight is to become one of their online friends. Use your e-mail address as the contact for their account so that you receive their notifications and monitor their activities. “What they think is nothing can actually be pretty serious,” says Charles Pavelites, a supervisory special agent at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. For example, a child who posts the comment “Mom will be home soon, I need to do the dishes” every day at the same time is revealing too much about the parents’ regular comings and goings.

Screenshot of  Facebook

It has been reported that the internet was not able to cope up with the volume of traffic after words spread about the death of the King-of-Pop Michael Jackson.

Google, Twitter, AOL, AIM, Facebook, Wikipedia and many other providers were either extremely slow or came to a halt with some reporting a five-fold traffic volume during the early hours of the breaking news. Twitter went temporarily offline. Even LA Times, which was among the first to report, was swarmed and not able to cope for a while. Many others such as BBC and CNN reported the similar clog.

It wonders if there is any other person with such an impact on web as what Michael Jackson had done just as he did with his talent to the music industry.

“How many people does it take to break the Internet? On June 25, we found out it’s just one — if that one is Michael Jackson.” CNN

More news on the web collapse:

  • Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him

(As reported by CNN) How many people does it take to break the Internet? On June 25, we found out it’s just one — if that one is Michael Jackson. [click here for more]

  • Michael Jackson’s death crashes Google, Twitter offline

News of Michael Jackson’s death caused a massive surge in internet traffic last night, temporarily crashing Google and driving huge amounts of traffic to popular sites such as Twitter and BBC News. [click here for more]

In terms of well-known celebrities, few are bigger than Michael Jackson. Love him or hate him, pretty much everyone on the planet knows him. And that caused big problems for a lot of huge websites today with the news of his passing. [click here for more]

  • Michael Jackson death covered first by Twitter, crashes servers

Michael Jackson, the “King Of Pop”, died last night after an apparent heart attack. He was rushed to UCLA Medical Centre after he collapsed in his LA home. The news first appeared on Twitter and Facebook statuses and spread like wildfire, before it was confirmed many hours later by mainstream news media. [click here for more]

Hundreds of thousands of loyal twitter users tweeted about the late . Love him or hate him was undoubtably the king of pop. His inspiring Dancing, Music and songs still to this day create the undertone of what is popular culture.

Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him

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