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It was amazingly beautiful and you would rarely be able to see it again in your lifetime. Masha Allah.

A very bright full semi circle rainbow across the skyline of Kuala Lumpur was seen by thousands of KL commuters rushing back home this evening. At certain location you will see a double rainbow.

I first noticed it as I was approaching from Bukit Lanjan on PLUS highway toward Jalan Duta Toll.

I quickly grabbed my newly bought Olympus FE4030 (yesterday!) which happens to be in my pocket.

I continue pressing the camera as I enter DUKE highway.

Near the exit to Jalan Kuching.

Approaching the other side of the Jalan Kuching Toll booth.

As I passed Jalan Kuching I realised the north end of the rainbow is also bright and clear. The Petronas Twin towers can be seen too.

Passing Sentul area …

As it started to drizzle … The full semi circle was visible but I was not able to stop. There were a few cars stopping by the highway with their drivers taking the pictures of the beautiful scene.

A double rainbow between the Petronas Twin Towers … (about to pass Jalan Pahang)

And the south end strikes on the bright Petronas Twin Towers

Approaching Air Panas Toll. The driver of the Mercedes in front stopped for a while to snapped some photos from his mobile phone.

The north end of the rainbow seems to be at the Wangsa Maju.

But now the north end is at Setiawangsa.

The south end of the rainbow is right on the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) HQ building.

Setiawangsa …

Some of the pictures were badly taken as I was not really looking at what I was snapping … as my eyes were quite focused on the road (!) This one as I passed the AU3/Jalan Enggang area …

The end of DUKE highway … exit ramp towards Ampang.

This bright evening sun as it set on the west and the drizzle with dark sky backdrop on the east of KL were the reason for a visibly clear and bright rainbow (This last photo was captured as the sun set – I started to join the famous MRR2 crawl).

All together 114 photos taken on 11 June 2010 between 6.29 pm until 6.43 pm.

Ingatkan saya …

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