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We always look back with such a nostalgic memories of our school, Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School (SSSS or SS, as we always refer). Thus, this blog was created to bring back those memories.

Besides writing as much as I could for this Sulaimanian blog (other than maintaining 10 other blogs) there is always a limit to it. Thus, I make use of my school magazine collection(starting from 1958 until as recent as 2009 – of course with some missing ones in between), scan some of the relevant pages and post it here.

To cater such a wide range of Sulaimanian alumni, I will have to switch between the old magazines, not so old and the more recent ones – so that I could maintain to attract all the visitors (Sulaimanians) to this blog.

We have so many happenings around/related to our school and the alumnus. But nothing get fed and updated here if nobody send me those news/articles. Partly because of not being in KT could have distanced me from news of recent school activities.

We have so many big names from our school making headlines in the newspaper almost everyday but still many would not notice as we usually do not mention about SS in the story. Of course everybody knows and read about our schoolmate Tuanku Sultan who had just finished his term as the 13th YDPA. We are all proud to be associated with his former school. And of course his former batch mate are even more proud of having such association – with so many functions organised during his tenure as YDPA.

In an effort to gather as much info that could connect Sulaimanians all over I compiled a non-exhaustive list of blogs/facebook accounts related to our school and listed them on the sidebar – BLOGROLL (go and click the one that could be related to you):

[TELL ME if yours is not listed. I would be glad to add to make it longer]

I also created a FB account (which I called it as “Unofficial” – 1st on the list above). With modest beginning a few months ago, it has now 3000+ friends from all ages. Please like if you want updates of this blog notified.

Keep me motivated by your visits and comments. I thank you all.



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