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We always look back with such a nostalgic memories of our school, Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School (SSSS or SS, as we always refer). Thus, this blog was created to bring back those memories.

Besides writing as much as I could for this Sulaimanian blog (other than maintaining 10 other blogs) there is always a limit to it. Thus, I make use of my school magazine collection(starting from 1958 until as recent as 2009 – of course with some missing ones in between), scan some of the relevant pages and post it here.

To cater such a wide range of Sulaimanian alumni, I will have to switch between the old magazines, not so old and the more recent ones – so that I could maintain to attract all the visitors (Sulaimanians) to this blog.

We have so many happenings around/related to our school and the alumnus. But nothing get fed and updated here if nobody send me those news/articles. Partly because of not being in KT could have distanced me from news of recent school activities.

We have so many big names from our school making headlines in the newspaper almost everyday but still many would not notice as we usually do not mention about SS in the story. Of course everybody knows and read about our schoolmate Tuanku Sultan who had just finished his term as the 13th YDPA. We are all proud to be associated with his former school. And of course his former batch mate are even more proud of having such association – with so many functions organised during his tenure as YDPA.

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It has been a while that this Sulaimanian blog was not updated (two weeks now). The pain was too much after knowing that the historic row of shop-houses at Keda Payang (Jalan Bandar) being demolished. As Awang Goneng said it well in Earth-Trembling Barbarism and Mabuk Kepayang, I was rather speechless or actually “hilang habis mood nak menaip”.

The final row of historic 100-years old concrete (not the shabby wooden one eh) shoplot at Keda Payang is now gone FOREVER!!! One cannot rebuilt it with whatever technology they have today. Even if they do – it will be a new one – a value void. What more when the new one is alien to the cultural and historical values of the town.

Six months ago, the traders along the row of Jalan Bandar and Jalan Banggol were issued a notice to evacuate the premise – just when they were preparing for the Raya sales. Together with the traders, we set-up the Action Committee (Badan Bertindak Peniaga Jalan Bandar dan Jalan Banggol) [Read our protest]. We only managed to voice out our protest and to delay the evacuation notice – well and good for the traders (I am happy to be able to do that little things for them).  (Read – the justification why a 30-days notice was such hooligan idea)

But we were unable to stop the ultimate demolition by the hooligans who things development must destroy strongly built structure and replace with sans historical values. Never had they learn the many “monetary motivated” projects that had collapsed or poorly built (especially in Terengganu). All their justifications to demolish the area does not stand at all. (read more: here)

I would be ashamed if those involved in the hooligan decision to destroy whatever heritage under the name of Heritage Board (Lembaga Tabung Warisan Amanah Negeri Terengganu) are Sulaimanians (shame shame on you!!!). (Read how a 14th year old girl values heritage) As that should not be the way we value culture, heritage and history. (also read Pokku’s article here)

But then our school had also faced similar destruction. An old building which was part of Sultan Sulaiman’s palace area given for the school that were later used as the scout den where we had our gatherings and meetings.

I was shocked after visiting the school many years ago to see the historical building is gone FOREVER !!! Replaced with a sans value water tower.We do not oppose the need to build such a water reservoir but is that the only location they can build it? With such a large 44.4 acres of land area the school have – why must it be there?

The building has its historical value. Picture below shows His Highness Almarhum Sultan Sulaiman photo session after greeting the group of business entourage from China and some local Chinese traders (including the three Al-Yunani’s) with the “scout den” as the background. The fact that the building was used as the backdrop to treatised the end of their meeting shows the significant of the building. Also seen in the picture were Almarhum Sultan Ali (then as a boy sitting next to his father) and Almarhum Sultan Ismail (then Tengku Paduka).

One has to see the building to appreciate. The flooring was with such a beautiful floral “mosaic/tile” that one can never find anymore. The carving in the interior, the unique carving on the roof top, and amazingly not a single piece of the wood used for the building show its age. The only damage one can see then (when the scout took over for its den) were the broken roof tiles which we then collected some money in the early 70s and had it repaired.

Why must our sans value development be made in the expense of our heritage and historical memorials?

bunting gatheringIt was quite a let down … at least for me. Maybe my expectation was a bit high. But then the expectation should be high being the premier school in the state.

I do not know the final numbers that came but for the one hour I was there maybe there were about a little over 60 people. As most people come and go (like me), but the number is a far cry from when it was organised at the same venue 7-8 years ago (2002?). I was told it was then “organised” by Allahyarham Datuk Razali Ismail (Pengarah Pelajaran Negeri) together with the headmaster then, Tuan Haji Daud bin Jusoh.

The hall was almost full then – but with a more senior crowds (60s and 70s era) than it was yesterday (mainly late 70s and 80s era).  Not only did they have many former students then but many former teachers also attended versus yesterday – if I count it correctly only 2! I was with a former HM (my cousin) the day before and mentioned to him about the gathering – but unfortunately he was not aware (he is staying just next door to one of the pro-tem committee’s parents’ house)

Anyhow, I would like to share some of the photos …

Manja and Manan

The pro-tem committee chairman Manja Man (baju Melayu) giving his speech with Manan Ngah (in white) as the MC.


This is the best angle I could do to have the most crowd captured in one shot. (Shot taken at about 12.54pm) Though there were another less than 10 in a group on the right (not captured) and also slightly more then 10 gathered outside the hall. Some puffing away – which I then jokingly (as if still a prefect!) told them that they cannot be smoking in the school compound. But seriously, we should have a little respect – the school is a not smoking area (still – even though you are an alumni).


Who would not remember Cikgu Che Ma Sulaiman … I came in while she was giving her speech but I noticed not even half were listening. She is now still teching at the Pusat Bahasa Terengganu (located at PPAT).

ong yeo ibni

Ong Huat Beng, Yeo Sin Soon and Ibni Amin.

Alias Onn - Karim - SS Alumni

That is me with Alias Onn (now with Kementerian Pelajaran) [photo courtesy of Yeo Sin Soon – from his Tirok’s facebook] talking (photo below) to Soh Wee Hock, Suhaimee (Atan) Yassin (Bank Rakyat) – we were all of MCE74.

weehock atan

As I had made my comments before [Majlis Perjumpaan Aidilfitri], we could have more numbers:

  1. If we do it at night. Third Raya is full with invitations. Weddings, engagements lah … and of course the Raya open houses itself. And for me, besides those I still have many many relatives yet to visit. We seldom do Raya visits at night. Thus, we can have more time together.
  2. If the publicity is more. I maybe wrong. I did not see banners all over the town – at strategic locations. I saw one (considered small!) near the school main entrance (poorly design to be visible [colour scheme] considering you have to manoeuvre the steering as you drive by the slight bend there. Kan we have the pro-tem committee President “tauke besar media”. Should have optimised it. Even the “Official Alumni SS” website does not say anything about the gathering. At least this blog mentioned numerous times …
  3. Maybe the registration fee for the gathering also hinders the participation?
  4. Maybe we should ensure more participation from the earlier eras, former teachers and HMs
  5. Maybe the committee should be people of various age group. Remember, we now have two generations (some even already 3rd generation) as Sulaimanians. Consider a Reunion – Celebrating Two Generations of Sulaimanians!

Whatever it is, I would like to congratulate the committee members and those who took the initiatives and their hard work to bring together the former students of Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School. Maybe another grandeur event to be identified and start organising now.

One last comment – the music and singing was really unnecessary. We were not there for that. It just does not blend well when the committee President asked all of us to begin the event with Al-Fatihah only to be continued by singing and music right after his speech.

Cuti sekolah baru-baru telah memberi kesempatan untuk saya berjumpa dengan Cikgu Mohd @ Omar Abdul Rahman (Cikgu Mat Omar). Cikgu Mat Omar pernah menjadi Penolong Kanan untuk tempoh yang agak lama dalam tahun 70an-80an. Saya difahamkan beliau kemudian pernah juga menjadi pengetua maktab perguruan sebelum bersara.


Ketika menghadiri kenduri “sambut menantu” seorang kenalan, saya sengaja pergi pada masa rombongan pengantin tiba untuk bertemu dengan bekas guru SS yang tidak pernah mengajar saya namun saya rapat dengan beliau.

Sebagai Penolong Kanan, Cikgu Mat Omar menyelia Lembaga Pengawas. Beliau terkenal dengan ketegasannya walaupun orangnya bertubuh kecil.

Namun sebab utama saya rapat dengan beliau ialah kerana saya kerap menumpang beliau untuk ke sekolah pada tahun-tahun 1975-1976. Setiap pagi saya akan keluar rumah dari berek kerajaan Lorong Mok Pe (Jalan Tekukur) membonceng motorsikal ayahanda saya. Disebabkan ayahanda saya mengajar di SK Tepoh pada ketika itu – arah yang bertentang serta jarak yang agak jauh, maka saya akan turun di persimpangan Jalan Mengadang Akar (Jalan Sultan Omar) dengan Jalan Kamaruddin – depan Sekolah Agama Khairiah.

Cikgu Mat Omar memerhatikan anak ke 5nya menyuap cucu beliau yang teringin sangat merasa kelazatan jamuan di meja pengantin

Saya akan menunggu sesiapa yang saya kenali yang melalui jalan tersebut untuk ke sekolah. Terdapat beberapa guru lain yang kerap mengambil saya selain dari Cik Mat Omar. Antaranya ialah Cikgu Mohd Radai Omar dan Cikgu Wan Hassan bin Abu Bakar. Namun oleh kerana Cikgu Mat Omar antara yang awal ke sekolah, maka beliaulah yang lebih kerap saya sempat tumpang.

Selain guru, ramai juga kawan-kawan lain yang sering berhenti mengambil saya di persimpangan tersebut untuk ke sekolah.

12062009(155)Perjumpaan dengan Cikgu Mat Omar amat dirasai kerana sudah sekian lama saya ingin berjumpa dengan beliau namun tidak pernah menjadi. Ditambah pula beliau tidak lagi tinggal di rumahnya di Losong yang saya ketahui dahulu. Maka jemputan dari kenalan yang berkahwin dengan anka kelima Cikgu Mat Omar saya ambil kesempatan sepenuhnya. Malah, saya turut mengambil peluang ini untuk melayan beliau ketika makan di meja pengantin. Bila lagi hendak ditaburkan khidmat kembali kepada guru kita?

Dalam usianya begini, Cikgu Mat Omar yang kini tinggal di Wakaf Beruas, masih kelihatan segak dan bergaya seperti dulu. Cuma yang kurangnya sekarang ialah tiada lagi misai garangnya dahulu.

Ingatkan saya …

... dalam pelbagai pertemuan dengan saudara-saudara sekalian, terutama selepas mana-mana sesi taklimat, kadang-kadang ada yang meminta sesuatu dari saya. Kerap kali dalam kesibukan serta kelemahan saya sendiri, ada ketika janji-janji tersebut terlupa saya tunaikan ... tolong ingatkan saya. PM di FB saya atau emel kepada saya


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