To Anonymous, thank you for your comment  ( Whither the Malays? and Wither the Malays – in blog) which I reckon

requires an airing as a posting.  Now and again I like to highlight an anonymous comment – especially when it is negative, and especially when it illuminates part of the problem.   This one is a good example of the rather smug half-baked thinking that bedevils so much of our country’s political conversation, especially its ‘cyber-conversation’.

I struggle to find  anything intelligible in what you wrote.  You seem to think that the election results reflect a generation gap, which (according to you) is best described in the form of music tastes.  Seems a bit simplistic to me.  If that’s what you’re saying, you make my point perfectly about a dumbed-down generation.

If your obsession with pop music is silly in this context, your rabbiting on about the British National Party (BNP) is equally (and more dangerously) stupid.     In particular, your attempt to characterize the Barisan Nasional as somehow akin to the BNP is a sick joke indeed.    Especially so, given the nature of the opposition in this country – a squalid amalgamation of Chinese chauvinists, Muslim fundamentalists and a mainly Malay  ‘Alternative Party’  led by a proxy of US neo-cons and Zionists, who’s driven by the desire to lead the next Government in Putrajaya.

IZNOGOUD , a Comic character by Goscinny and Tabary , 1978

You clearly know very little about the British National Party.  But at least the reference to it shows that you have read a few articles and can drop a few ‘useful’  names.  But perhaps that’s all you wanted to do.

There is no doubt that some? many? Malays, especially today’s middle-aged middle class liberals have been spoilt  – compared to the Chinese and Indians in the same economic league – and they do not appreciate this fact.  They were hoisted and pushed and pampered as a result of UMNO’s  NEP.  Now they live in ‘gated’ communities, in glorified terrace and semi-detached ‘palaces’, drive macho 4WDs and continental cars and in turn cosset their beautiful children.  My point is simple : too many of such Malays have forgotten who spoon-fed them, how they progressed on the backs of the Rakyat and how little they have ploughed back into the Malay community.

Some time ago I met this Malay post-grad student in Leicester and he said,  “From Form 1 in the Sekolah Asrama’ to my first degree in the United States and a post-graduate degree in UK, it was the Government (the Rakyat) that spooned the rice into my mouth”.  At least  he appreciated and recognized that privilege.

Your last paragraph is glib nonsense.  “The kids will be alright”??  Well, if this cut and paste opposition is your blue print  for the future – to apply to all ‘kids’ in this country – then heaven help them.  An uglier example of short term political opportunism would be hard to find – anywhere in the world.  But certainly YOUR kids will be alright.

This is not about a gap between generations, between cultural groupings.  This is a revival – with a vengeance  – of the British-made, pre-Merdeka gulf between the well-heeled, well-serviced  urbanites and the subsistence, hand-to-mouth  ‘Malayans’  on the urban fringes and in the boondocks.

Today, as for the Malays, it is the turn of the fat cats and the self-righteous in the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the People’s Justice Party (PKR), and the Pan-Malaysian  Islamic Party (PAS) – each with their own agenda – to screw and manipulate the rights and security of others.

And by the way, it would be the liberal and right thing to do – especially given the nature of your comment – to have the courage of your convictions, and to give us your proper name, the name that your parents gave you.

From FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013 – read from the source here: MAYONNAISE MALAYS and BELACAN MALAYS.