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NigerianChristiansIn 1953 the year of Nigeria’s independence, there were 45.3 percent Muslims in the population compared to 21.4 percent Christians and 33.3 percent belonging to other folk religions.

In 2010 it was estimated that 49.3% of the Nigerian population are now Christian compared to 48.8% Muslim. Meanwhile the animists and holders of traditional spiritual beliefs were almost totally wiped out.

In the span of a little over 60 years, the Christian population in Nigeria leaped from 2 out of every 10 persons to covering half the population.

The evangelistas are most super effective and deadly efficient. Data on the superb success of Christian proselytization in Nigeria is a testament to this.


Animists must be >>”racist” << too and thus be “abolished”

Over the past half century, close to all the pagans in Nigeria have been effectively Christianized (upwards spiking line) whereas at the same time, Islam (flat line) has failed to increase its population share.

Nigerians who practice animist and other folk beliefs (plunging line) have been whittled down to near zero — see line graph below.

Animists and those holding to folk religions are being similarly targetted in Malaysia as are Hindus and Buddhists by the evangelistas.

NigeriaDo the Muslims think they are immune from the onslaught?


Line graph sourced from Google Books: The Price of Freedom Denied by Brian J. Grim and Roger Finke

South Korea’s mega churches

In 1960, South Korea had fewer than a million Christians.

A decade ago, approximately 3 out of every 10 South Koreans were Christians. According to the country’s 2005 census, 29 percent of the population in South Korea were Christian compared to 23 percent Buddhist (source via the ‘International Religious Freedom Report for 2012′, US State Department).

Although South Korea – which has a population of 50 million people – conducted a national census in 2010, it is not making its Religion data public.

Mega churches are a phenomenon in South Korea where its Yoido Full Gospel Church has a whopping one million members.

 Korean Christians

“Strong evangelistic impulse” of South Koreans

A Pew Forum survey found that “strong religious commitment on the part of South Korean Christians seems to drive their efforts to convert their fellow countrymen“. It added that this “strong evangelistic impulse” similarly made them extend their missionary zeal abroad including to Afghanistan.

South Korean missionaries had been famously kidnapped by the Taliban in the summer of 2007 with two of the 23 hostages executed.

“Not only are their numbers growing, but the level of religious intensity of South Korean Christians is much higher than that of other religious groups in the country”, said the Pew report (12 Dec 2007) monitoring the influence of the Christian community on the country’s presidential election.

It’s part of their global strategy for the Christians to flex their muscle in the political arena. The same is clearly happening in Malaysia too.

City Harvest Church in Singapore

Singapore exports their prosperity gospel to Jerusubang

Closer to home, Christians presently make up 18.3 percent of the Singapore population. City Harvest evangelistas have already established several affiliate churches in Malaysia with the main one being in Subang Jaya.

Over the last 10 years, the Buddhist numbers in Singapore fell by 9.2 percent.

JakimAllahNow just imagine if the Muslim numbers in Malaysia should fall by 9.2 percent by the time we get to the year 2024. Although this will probably not happen, nonetheless the hypothetical comparison shows in stark relief how the Buddhists are fast disappearing in our neighbouring country!!

Orang Melayu-Islam kena ambil iktibar ni …

For Jakim sermon excerpt above, see here

DAP objects to Jakim sermons warning against the enemies of Islam

Lim Kit Siang took Prime Minister Najib Razak to task, berating “How can he allow Jakim under the PMO to incite religious acrimony, animosity and hatred”.

In his 3 Feb 2014 press statement, the DAP Mursydul Am also alleged that Muslim extremists “want to tear the country asunder with incessant incitement of racial and religious hatred, conflict and tension”.

An article in The Malay Mail on 7 Feb 2014 labelled mosques as “hatred factories”.

The Malaysian Insider issues fourth apology in over a week - Malaysia - The Malay Mail Online 2013-12-22 01-53-18

TMI the leading pro-Christian spin site

The Malaysian Insider, needless to say, is always spinning on this issue.

“Nampak jelas sangat TMI mempunyai agenda jahat mereka. Dan semakin menyerlah. Menyerang Islam bertubi-tubi dan menghentam kerajaan pemerintah,” said Muafakat sec-gen A. Karim Omar in his blog posting yesterday titled ‘Takkan pegawai-pegawai PM Najib masih nak duduk diam jugak‘.

The Christians were angry when a Jakim sermon identified Jews and the Christians as the “enemies of Islam” .

They want to interfere in the administration of Islam and prevent Jakim from preparing sermons based on Quranic texts that warn the ummah against the wicked designs of the Christians and the Jews.

UiTM demonized by DAP and gang

It is not only Jakim which is concerned about the Christian threat. MAIS is too.

2_120Regarding surah Al Baqarah, verse 120: “Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion”, MAIS interpreted it as:

“Penegasan Allah tentang sikap dendam golongan Yahudi dan Nasrani yang selama-lamanya tidak akan redha dengan Islam dan umatnya selagi tidak berada di bawah telunjuk mereka”.

Statistics don’t lie. Evangelistas do

All the time.

The stats prove that evangelism is going full throttle in the vulnerable target countries.

Nonetheless when forums like the one in UiTM try to expose these facts, the non-Muslims make police reports against the seminar organizers as if the speakers were guilty of “hate crime”.

“Evangelicalism is growing twice the pace of Islam and three times as fast as the overall world population,” according to Jason Mandryk who co-authored the mission prayer guide Operation World.

Mandryk indicated that a significant growth of evangelicalism is seen in countries such as Brazil, China, Bangladesh and Nigeria which have “exploding” Christian populations, reported The Christian Post in its 28 Sept 2006 article ‘Mission Expert: Evangelicalism fastest growing religious movement‘.

Selangor’s celebrated Speaker Hannah Yeoh is a Born Again who converted to Christianity at the age of 19.

(1.006 words)

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh on stage in the City Harvest Church, Subang Jaya

Mama Dapster on stage during Subang Jaya City Harvest Church building launch


MAZA-Kristian dekat IslamKadang-kadang kita hairan, orang yang kononnya sudah mengaji tinggi-tinggi tapi tidak menunjukkan keilmuan yang sepatutnya telah beliau perolehi. Sebab itulah adanya kaedah-kaedah tertentu serta syarat-syaratnya untuk seseorang itu berijtihad. Bukan setakat mengaji satu bidang sahaja sudah boleh kita menjadi pakar untuk semua bidang.

Kalau kita ke Institut Jantung Negara, saya yakin tidak ada seorang pun daripada kita akan mengizin seorang doktor pakar kulit untuk membedah kita. Dan IJN pun pasti tidak akan membuat polisi gila sedemikian.

Sebab itu saya hairan Asri, mantan mufti Perlis, sama ada tidak faham tentang sesuatu isu dan sembrono membuat kenyataan atau beliau terasa sudah terlalu pandai?

Dalam komen terbaru beliau merujuk kepada Seminar Kristologi dan Kalimah Allah Nusantara di UiTM yang diadakan minggu lepas beliau seolah-olah mengecam penganjuran program sedemikian.

Beliau mengatakan:

Islam tidak ditindas di Malaysia

Janganlah terkejut kalau ada orang yang mengajak masuk Kristian.

Bila masa kita kata Islam ditindas di Malaysia? Dia baca dan faham atau tidak apa yang kami suarakan? Dan siapa kata kita terkejut dengan orang Kristian hendak dakyah orang Islam? Kita telah diperingatkan oleh Allah s.w.t. bahawa orang Yahudi dan Nasrani SENTIASA dan SAMPAI BILA-BILA akan bersungguh menyesatkan kita. Kita tahu pelampau Kristian ini akan sentiasa merancang, Allah sudah firmankan.

Asri sebaliknya mengatakan bahawa orang-orang Kristian ini amat dekat dengan orang Islam:

“Orang yang dekat dengan Muslim ialah Kristian. Al-Quran kata kamu akan dapati orang yang paling dekat perasaan sayangnya pada orang Islam itu adalah Kristian,”

Saya tidak pasti dari mana sumber pendapatnya sebab TMI tidak lapor. Saya agak dia maksudkan itu diambil dari ayat Al-Maaidah:82. Dan ayat inilah juga ramai yang suka bangkitkan apabila saya menceritakan tentang ancaman dari ayat Al Baqarah:120.

Kalaulah dia nak guna ayat Al Maaidah:82, takkanlah dah mengaji tinggi pun tidak tahu kisah sebalik ayat tersebut. (baca kiriman saya sebelum ini: Orang Nasrani Dekat Sekali Kasih Mesranya Kepada Orang Islam (?))

Ayat tersebut merujuk kepada baginda Raja Najasi Habshah. Saya petik sebahagian yang telah saya sebut itu:

Inilah perbezaannya dengan Baginda golongan Nasrani yang amat dekat sekali mesranya dengan orang-orang Islam bukannya puak-puak pengganas evangelis yang sentiasa mencari jalan untuk menyesatkan umat Islam. Malah kita baca sekurangnya 17 kali sehari tentang golongan sesat ini dengan meminta perlindungan dari Allah s.w.t.

MAZA-Allah-lagunegeriDia hendak tunjuk dia pandai berhujah. Tapi dia berhujah di luar konteks. Dia hendak perlihatkan kehebatan untuk qias. Tetapi itu qias maalfariq (kiasan yang tidak kena).

Sebab itu apabila isu kalimah Allah dulu dia pun ingin tunjuk kehebatannya untuk membolehkan pelampau Kristian guna kalimah Allah maka dia kata bagaimana orang bukan Islam hendak menyanyikan lagu negeri kerana, kata Asri, “jika non-muslims sama sekali tidak dibenarkan menyebut … Tuhan Allah …”

Payahlah macam ini. Isu asas pun dia tidak faham. Menyebut ada bezanya dengan mengguna untuk ajaran agama mereka. Contoh, kalau si-Kristian ada kawan yang bernama Abdullah, kita tidak larang beliau untuk berterusan panggil kawannya “Abdullah”. Takkan kita nak suruh si-Kristian panggil kawannya dengan “Abdul Tuhan”?

Enakmen-Selangor-1988-9-1Asri hendak mengeluarkan pendapat, dia tidak rujuk larangan yang dibuat. Bacalah dulu enakmen yang melarang tu. Apa yang disebut dalam Enakmen Ugama Bukan Islam (Kawalan Perkembangan Di Kalangan Orang Islam) 1988 Negeri Selangor AMAT jelas, terutama dalam perkara 9.

Asri turut mengatakan:

“Janganlah kita berlebih sangat. Ada NGO tertentu yang nak promosi NGO mereka, berlebihan sangat.

Saya bimbang jika ianya kata dulang paku serpih.

Cuma saya masih mengharapkan mungkin pelapor berita di TMI tersebut, Hasbullah Awang Chik, tersalah dengar atau tersalah lapor.

Baca tulisan terkini (1 Mei 2016): Asri MAZA Mahu Jadi Serba Tahu?

Klik pada imej: fitnah MAZA atas IKSIM

Baca juga: Laporan Polis Di Bawah Akta Hasutan Terhadap Dr. Asri


Kiriman sebelum ini yang menyebut tentang ayat 120 surah Al Baqarah:

Sila baca juga:

Tanah Melayu Tanah Air Ku

Di sinilah tempat bermandi darahnya bangsaku

Penjajah datang silih berganti

Sentiasa ada pahlawan bangsa menanti

Di dalam lipatan adanya gunting

Bersama musuh mereka membanting

Menghasut umat sendiri

Itulah dia orang yang tidak sedar diri

Tercatat sejarah mengiktiraf bangsaku

Suatu bangsa hebat bangsa Melayu ku

Malay archipelago sudah lama digelar

Kini ada pendatang yang ganas menyelar

Selamatkanlah Tanah Melayu

Tanah Air Ku

Malay-wikipedia2 .






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